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The Buzzkill Universe

The Buzzkill Universe exists in a dimension that very closely resembles our world. In fact, the two worlds have operated almost identically, with a few key differences. The biggest difference is the existence of the Jersey Devil. While the creature has been spotted multiple times in our universe, its influence in the Buzzkill Universe is much stronger.

New Jersey and more specifically the Pine Barrens of south Jersey, is where the portal exists to the Jersey Devil’s home. This world is perpetually dark. The scenery is mostly woods-like, with stretches of desert and large trenches scattered in between.

So what exactly is it that attracts the Jersey Devil to the Buzzkill dimension? Hope. It is believed that the monster has the ability to see potential in people. If the Jersey Devil believes a person has the potential to effect real positive change to the world, that person becomes a target.

This is believed to be what led to the disappearance of S.E. the clairvoyant (read, “A Touch of Clairvoyance” for more on her). While S.E. was very careful to not reveal her real name. Some historians believe her name was Michele Hart, who is a distant relative of Jack Cuomo. The reason for this theory, besides the two looking alike, it that Jack also has been known to posses the gift of clairvoyance. He has more than once predicted the outcome of events that would be impossible to know. When asked how he was able to make such predictions, Jack routinely claims the prediction just came to him.

Just because someone has a gift, does not mean they are perfect. Jack has plenty of vices and character defects, which makes him a perfect target for the Jersey Devil.

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