Catholic Church Hostage-Taking; Priest Killed in Normandy, France

Yesterday, a Catholic mass was taken over by hostage-takers yelling the European name for “ISIS”. The hostage-takers slit the throat of the 84 year-old priest and left one other person clinging to life before being shot by French Forces. Being a Catholic makes the lightening strike closer to home, that I cannot help. The numbness you feel for the tragedies happening every day is un-avoidable. Mostly because the life that is in front of you is hard enough to deal with. Daily stressors and goals and disappointments can de-prioritize the horrible tragedy happening hundreds of miles from you. Especially when these attacks are occuring every other day. Most people just chalk it up to “we live

Movie Review: Dreamcatcher

Based on a novel by Steven King Dreamcatcher (2003) I have become a slave to Netflix, but as long as they continue to release movies like Dreamcatcher, we will be right as rain. Unless the price goes any higher, then peace. (probably) That being said Dreamcatcher (yes I’m reviewing a 13 year-old movie) was a horror-genre masterpiece, revealing itself to the world again through Netflix and hopefully putting some money in the filmmakers' pockets. The story is about a group of childhood friends that have stayed in close contact because of a special friend they met named Duddits. The childhood scenes, which were comparatively much lighter and helped to break up the intensity, while also reveal


We are in pre production for Buzzkill New Jersey so I will not be able to post many stories in August. We will be posting a lot of production shots so keep checking in on the BKNJ Director's Post!


“Now the giants, who have been born of spirit and of flesh, shall be called upon earth evil spirits, and on earth shall be their habitation. Evil spirits shall proceed from their flesh, because they were created from above; from the holy Watchers was their beginning and primary foundation. Evil spirits shall they be upon earth, and the spirits of the wicked shall they be called. The habitation of the spirits of heaven shall be in heaven; but upon earth shall be the habitation of terrestrial spirits, who are born on earth.” -Book of Enoch

Ghost Story: Suicide Haunting

We all know how awful children can be to each other before they develop a filter. Especially now, as bratty kids who never face adversity are told how awesome they are just for breathing through their nose. Middle school kids are very superficial. Middle school girls are freaking savages to each other. The thing about the people you went to grade school with is that you think of them as they were when they were kids. If it wasn’t for Facebook (not an endorsement) we wouldn’t know what they look like today unless we saw them. This story is truly devastating. It is not for the faint of heart. Warning: This story really is not for people who are faint of heart. Now we all know the pretty on

Movie Review: The Exorcism of Molly Hartley

Although difficult to market an exorcism movie as fresh and new, the subject matter is usually pretty compelling. This horror genre bridges the supernatural with the realness of a slasher movie. Art imitating life lets you know, it could happen to you. Fortunately for me, only females seem to get targeted for possession by the devil (we can just put that fact in the “pro” column for being a dude). First off, it was great to see Devon Sawa as the main character (I am a big “Idle Hands” fan). His portrayal of Father John Barrow was on point. He seemed serious and committed to his faith. His presence provided a bit of relief which is a success if you are playing a priest in an exorcism m

Movie Review: The Girl in the Photographs

Warning: Spoilers Going through the new releases on Netflix, I came across The Girl in the Photographs because of the awesome artwork on the cover. A little “pop-punk” for a horror movie, but so is Buzzkill so I think it works. Main character Kal Penn (I personally miss the delightful whimsy of Kumar, before Hollywood tanked your soul. Maybe brought things a little close to home with the character, acting might have been too good) still solidly funny dialogue, great delivery. Also, Penn knew his character voluntarily walked everyone into the bees' nest, and that meant he should get sliced up first. Very solid character, so ironic I’ll consider it a good thing. I really liked this cast,

Anger and Fear

The two most powerful forces of oppression to any human person are fear and anger. Sometimes both instincts can be justified. They feed off each other. Dallas, Texas: Having listened to the audio footage (because there is always footage now), I felt a fear I hadn’t felt in a while combined with the empathy of knowing the outcome and knowing that the people who died were no different than I am. That fear turns to anger. The feud between members of law-enforcement and the black community hit a fever pitch yesterday with two black men shot and killed by police officers on the same day followed by a mass shooting of police officers with 5 killed and multiple injured that evening. That anger

Um, Where the Hell Are We?

New Jersey is basically a large suburb linking New York City and Philadelphia. When a metropolitan area gets as densely populated as this one, a phenomena begins to happen in some areas. In certain cities, the drug and violent crime rate goes through the roof. These places, or “the ghetto” as suburban teens affectionally call them, are easy to identify when you are driving through them. The key of course is to keep driving. Whatever you do, don’t pull over and ask directions. Well-meaning, well-dressed college kids might not realize that they resemble one of two things in such an area. Either you're a cop, and take a guess how these areas feel about cops, or you are looking to buy ille

Editorial: In Today's World

In today’s world, there is hypocrisy all around us. The fact that citizens remain divided over what is the equivalent of two political football teams is truly sad. There is no reason to have a two-party system, unless you are involved with one of the two “major” parties. There are all different levels of importance when it comes to the things you believe in. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your immediate well-being to satisfy your desire to be considered a “good” person. One of the parties, with the help of the media, claims moral superiority over the other. The second party, or “bitch party" takes it like a big puss because they know it is all for show. In Washington both sides want t

Jersey Devil Origins: Fallen Angel

A relatively modern explanation of the Jersey Devil is that he was a fallen angel. His decision to come to earth in pursuit of human desires and subsequent lying to the boss about it caused him to get stuck on earth in human-ish form. The story goes that there was an angel. After years of watching the growth of human civilization, he became fascinated with the daily goings-on of the people he would watch. It was like watching a bunch of soap-operas. This angel was able to travel to earth in order to look out for the people he was tasked with protecting. His last case was a young man, with a relatively average story. The angel knew the time and place where he would be needed on earth. H

The 4th of July

The best holiday of them all. Anyone who is a student of history cannot deny the influence of the true enforcers. Enforcers of what? Liberty. Suck it btw. In America, I can walk up to you and tell you to “go fuck yourself”. Even if you extremely dislike my attitude, thought process or conclusion, I can voice my opinion. Maybe it is something you needed to here. America drove that concept out of the park. Like most things you are born with, you never appreciate it like you should. We will not let you forget it. America is not a punch line. America keeps the evil and power-hungry at bay, and those people have been creeping into your thought process, making you look over your shoulder

Locals Know.

To grow up or come of age in New Jersey is no cakewalk. In fact, people are downright killers when it comes to talking sh*t and being your enemy. Much of what people think New Jersey looks like is basically the opening scene of the Soprano’s or maybe that there is a Jersey Shore (filled with guido sh*t-heads none the less). The fact is, New Jersey is a beautiful place. Like really nice actually. With some absolute war-zones sprinkled in between. Most of the people you encounter on a daily basis are 75% against you off the bat. You know it, they know it. It is up to you to either bring it to 50% + or avoid each other. This place is packed worse than a sardine can. New Jersey drivers ar

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