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Locals Know.

To grow up or come of age in New Jersey is no cakewalk. In fact, people are downright killers when it comes to talking sh*t and being your enemy.

Much of what people think New Jersey looks like is basically the opening scene of the Soprano’s or maybe that there is a Jersey Shore (filled with guido sh*t-heads none the less). The fact is, New Jersey is a beautiful place. Like really nice actually. With some absolute war-zones sprinkled in between.

Most of the people you encounter on a daily basis are 75% against you off the bat. You know it, they know it. It is up to you to either bring it to 50% + or avoid each other. This place is packed worse than a sardine can.

New Jersey drivers are aggressive and that is fine. As long as everyone is trying to go quickly we’re good. I used to think the New York drivers were the main problem (they are) but to the Pennsylvania drivers; how about a little sense of urgency like we want to continue our day and not stare at the surroundings, driving slowly, taking it all in. New York drivers are entitled and that is ultimately worse. “I’m driving, this is how I want to drive, who are you anyway?” It is that terrible attitude that screws the whole system up. That and you don’t know where you are going.

New Jersey is full of devils. If you have grown up here you probably encountered a couple at each stage of your life. Once we leave here, the rest of the country seems easy-going. I would say that ultimately is where the cockiness comes from. It is sort of a trial by fire. A native respects the power of it regardless of how they personally feel about the state.

The Jersey Devil steps over that line from enemy to predator. TJD exist simply to f*ck your day or life up.

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