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Ghost Story: Suicide Haunting

We all know how awful children can be to each other before they develop a filter. Especially now, as bratty kids who never face adversity are told how awesome they are just for breathing through their nose. Middle school kids are very superficial. Middle school girls are freaking savages to each other.

The thing about the people you went to grade school with is that you think of them as they were when they were kids. If it wasn’t for Facebook (not an endorsement) we wouldn’t know what they look like today unless we saw them.

This story is truly devastating. It is not for the faint of heart.

Warning: This story really is not for people who are faint of heart.

Now we all know the pretty ones in grade school had a 50/50 shot of being hot in high school. Puberty can go the wrong way, your symmetry can get screwed up and now you’re ugly. Those people were replaced with the blossoming ugly ducklings. Those girls usually didn’t know they’d become attractive until the boys started being nice to them all of a sudden. You’d like to think the mean pretty girls were the ones becoming ugly. They would deserve it and all would be right with the world, but that’s not always the case.

There was once a girl who was half Irish, half Armenian. Her mother was an extremely attractive Armenian woman who came from a small family. Her father was an Irish-American doctor. Her father and mother both had dark hair and light skin. The girl’s name was Monica.

Monica was not a pretty little girl. She had eyebrows that were very thick. Combine that with an introverted personality and she was not treated well by the girls in her grade. After two years of horrible treatment, she asked her parents to change schools.

Monica told her mother, “The girls call me ugly. They call me “the thing!”’ She had tears in her eyes.

Her mother tried to comfort her.

“Monica, where I came from, all the children looked like you. Do you think I’m pretty?” her mother asked.

“Yes,” she answered.

“Well, when I was your age I looked exactly like you do now. To me, you are beautiful and you are going to grow into the most beautiful young woman.”

The next day in school, Monica tried explaining what her mother told her to the mean girls at school. (mistake)

One of the girls responded with a snarky comment. The rest of the gaggle of mean girls started making fun of her. As one girl would say horrible, hurtful things, the rest would laugh. This went on for way too long. The two “prettiest” girls (secretly in competition with each other) started going back and forth, each with a more disgusting and obscene comment.

The rest of the girls decided to walk away and the two girls continued to insult her. Monica just stared ahead with no expression. The mean girls thought she was being defiant so they kept going, but Monica was not okay. That day, Monica said nothing to anyone which was not unusual. When Monica’s mother found her hanging in her closet by a belt that afternoon she screamed very loudly.

A few weeks after the funeral, her parents found a note in her top desk drawer.

It read, “I just want to not be ugly anymore”.

The parents kept her suicide a secret and the people in the town were told that Monica had died in a tragic accident. The two “pretty” girls were completely unaware of the tragedy they caused.

When the two girls got to high school, one stayed pretty, the other did not. The one who became ugly started becoming promiscuous to make up for her lack of an attractive face. The pretty one remained a bitch. The two girls drifted apart.

At the end of her senior year, the pretty one began seeing the ghost of the 11 year old Monica. She would appear in random places like parks and in her house, usually at night. She never told anyone for fear of how she would come across to others.

10 years later the two girls ran into each other one night after not seeing each other since high school. After saying hi and catching up a bit, the pretty girl asked the other girl if she ever saw the ghost of the 11 year old Monica.

“I see her all the time,” she replied.

The two tried to figure out why but couldn’t. Both women continued to see the ghost of the girl they made kill herself for the rest of their lives. The funny thing was that as they got older, the little girl looked prettier to them. It eventually became clear to both girls that Monica would have been beautiful if she got to grow up.

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