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Editorial: In Today's World

In today’s world, there is hypocrisy all around us. The fact that citizens remain divided over what is the equivalent of two political football teams is truly sad. There is no reason to have a two-party system, unless you are involved with one of the two “major” parties. There are all different levels of importance when it comes to the things you believe in. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your immediate well-being to satisfy your desire to be considered a “good” person.

One of the parties, with the help of the media, claims moral superiority over the other. The second party, or “bitch party" takes it like a big puss because they know it is all for show. In Washington both sides want the same thing, more power in Washington.

Yesterday was a sickening day. If you don't know why, I will try to explain it.

To help explain and simplify what happened yesterday, we will leave out the person’s name. We’ll just call her Helen Cobalt. Mrs. Cobalt was discovered to have been doing a bunch of very bad things. The FBI was investigating her conduct while serving as a major government official.

In an attempt to destroy the evidence of the case against her, Mrs. Cobalt’s team scrubbed and wiped her computer server of close to fifty-thousand emails. Since the server was clearly where all the evidence against her was, the act of wiping it alone exposes the fact that Helen Cobalt knew what she had done was wrong, and rather than risk those consequences, she erased the evidence.

Some of those scrubbed emails were recovered and it was revealed that Mrs. Cobalt had committed the crime being investigated. The FBI found 100 emails were sent through the unprotected server containing classified and top secret documents (felony).

After months of stalling, her lawyers and team leaders sifted through the remaining emails to remove the ones that were not “work-related” before handing them over to investigators. (Yes that is ridiculous. No you or I could not do that.)

Mrs. Cobalt refused to use the government’s secure server because she didn’t want the American people to ever know what she was doing day to day. She instead hired a small private computer-server company. The private server that they set up was extremely vulnerable to being hacked. Professional hackers know much more about computers than most of the people in our government. The head of the FBI said in his statement that it was probable that Mrs. Cobalt’s system had been hacked and that the hackers left no trail.

Unfortunately people tend to erase the really dirty stuff in these situations. The evidence presented against Helen Cobalt was using only the emails that she couldn’t destroy.

After presenting the facts of the case to the people and explaining how Mrs. Cobalt was clearly guilty, the FBI director swiftly changed course and stated that he did not recommend indictment. This meant that Mrs. Cobalt got off with no consequences for her actions. This promptly made the heads of 40 million people explode.

And why did she do it? To Helen Cobalt, remaining secretive and unaccountable to the public was worth more than the security of her country’s secrets and vulnerabilities.

Helen Cobalt is a bad person, that’s obvious to anyone who is presented the facts. Sadly, half the country wasn’t given those facts. Instead, a large part of the voting public was told Mrs. Cobalt was exonerated for the crime and there was nothing more to see. They were then invited to a strange looking pep-rally that looked like a horror movie acid trip. Mrs. Cobalt was standing next to our President. Both were smiling their big toothy smiles in front of what looked like a large group of clapping robots celebrating behind them.

This is how our laws are is treated by the people in power in today’s world. Scary.

*This picture is of a made-up person named Helen Cobalt.

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