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Anger and Fear

The two most powerful forces of oppression to any human person are fear and anger. Sometimes both instincts can be justified. They feed off each other.

Dallas, Texas:

Having listened to the audio footage (because there is always footage now), I felt a fear I hadn’t felt in a while combined with the empathy of knowing the outcome and knowing that the people who died were no different than I am.

That fear turns to anger. The feud between members of law-enforcement and the black community hit a fever pitch yesterday with two black men shot and killed by police officers on the same day followed by a mass shooting of police officers with 5 killed and multiple injured that evening. That anger is palpable. American citizens need to for the sake of peace, come together and see that people are being set up against one another.

People are all unique. Some people are all different degrees of evil. Usually the truly evil people aren’t just the ones snapping and doing the killing because those people are part crazy. The truly evil people are the ones that hype up hatred and perpetuate a self-fulfilling prophecy of division on television. CNN is evil. Tragic shootings involving police officers and black men being killed don’t need to be broadcast on a constant loop, sprinkling out bits of information every hour, each time getting the viewers who toon in more amped up. Doubling and tripling down on the hatred and emotions they churn up every go-around. Pushing a narrative.

America is not a fundamentally racists country. Our rules limit the power of government alone. Our founders knew that people can be corrupted and ill-intentioned, especially those with power over others. What makes the US different is the people have the power to change the culture. Letting evil people stoke a fire of hatred for the sake of a fundamental transformation to this country, while feeding off of and exploiting the deaths of others in the process is not something I’m prepared to do.

We are all our own people. We chose weather or not to be a force for good or evil. Forces of evil have the media. New media is where the truth can still be found, but there are also a lot of sh*t-heads to avoid. As Americans we need realize why our country is unique and needs to be saved. Why we are able to live in peace with each other. It is up to us as people to come together and bridge the gaps that are being intentionally driven against us. Question the people who are pointing you towards hatred of someone else. Hatred is just a combination of fear and anger.

Prayers to the families who lost loved ones yesterday.

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