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The 4th of July

The best holiday of them all. Anyone who is a student of history cannot deny the influence of the true enforcers. Enforcers of what? Liberty. Suck it btw.

In America, I can walk up to you and tell you to “go fuck yourself”. Even if you extremely dislike my attitude, thought process or conclusion, I can voice my opinion. Maybe it is something you needed to here.

America drove that concept out of the park. Like most things you are born with, you never appreciate it like you should. We will not let you forget it.

America is not a punch line. America keeps the evil and power-hungry at bay, and those people have been creeping into your thought process, making you look over your shoulder every time you have an opinion that differs from the media group-think. Good thing no-one really trusts the media.

Soldiers have fought and died over the course of America’s short history to secure the meaning of our citizenship, individualism, freedom.

So have a drink, shoot some illegal in New Jersey fireworks into the air (thanks Pennsylvania). Talk about freedom with your countrymen. We know we got it the best, and we won’t be giving anything back voluntarily.

Happy 4th of July!

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