Kelly Whitlin and the Pretty Ones

Think of a random person in your head. I will give you their characteristics. They are a friendly, kind person. Was the person you thought up attractive? Of course they were, unless you have a fetish for ugly people. While beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, certain symmetry is undeniable. We would like to think that beautiful people are usually good people, but evil, and the devil himself, are also drawn to such creatures. On to Kelly Whitlin. Kelly’s parents owned a beach house in Point Pleasant, where her family would spend the summer. Her young parents would often go out about town all night, so Kelly would host parties at her house. This is not unlike Jack Cuomo’s

The Scole Experiment - Crossing Over

In the latest video from HOPE Paranormal, Josh returns back to the use of the spirit box, in order to help guide spirits towards Heaven. It seems logical to use the spirit box at night, as opposed to daytime where even as kids, we knew Heaven was up in the clouds. Since it technically exists everywhere, the spirit box would help guide the spirit towards a physical manifestation of light. Ask your physics teacher. This is not just the opinion of your dear host here at Buzzkill. It seems Josh's use of the spirit box was at the suggestion of the members of the Scole Experiment. This group of 10 or so people, including Jesus Christ, formed in order help bridge the connection between the dif

Belmar’s Fourth Dimension

One of the theories behind the over-abundance of ghost-sightings along the boardwalk in Belmar, New Jersey, is that the coastline is supposedly the location of a portal to another dimension. This phenomena could explain a few of the unusual stories like the “Wicked Cat of Wunderbrook House” as well as some of the ghosts. The portal exists along the boardwalk on Ocean Avenue. The exact location can change, but it is always below 10th Avenue. The weather has to be clear, no clouds or fog. The light posts along the boardwalk turn on about 45 minutes before sundown. Around 4-6 am is when the portal supposedly opens, (about 30 minutes before the light posts turn off). One of the most frequen

Sketchiness in Point Pleasant

When traveling south from Belmar, through Spring Lake, then Manasquan and Brielle, you eventually get to Point Pleasant. The first of the “super-boardwalks” (and the least sketchy). There is Jenkinson’s Aquarium, club, a bar, carnival games, and the rides. Look for the “Savage Swings” story in the JERSEY DEVIL Category for more on that. Like most places, Point Peasant is more than what it is known for. The sketchiness, I am afraid, was all too common. What better than some random dive near the lit-up boardwalk to attract disenfranchised youth. Broad strokes purposes, most of the young people effected would be considered “goth”. For whatever reason, a large amount of these goths were o

One for the Non-Believers

We all know someone. Often now, thanks to the progress of our post-modern world, the issue of God has been easily dismissed. As if, because of the advancement of technology and science, mortals believe we have achieved too much here on earth for there to be a God. Still, people remain tragically imperfect, and the world is full of new atrocities each day, that you can learn about with a quick scroll through Facebook or Twitter. While many people of faith have closed-off their minds to trying to spread that faith, in order to side-step the malice and or mockery that accompanies such a gesture, the dead, seem a little more open-minded. Yes I said the dead, if you need to catch up, go to the

It’s in the Attic

Why is it, that attics always feel creepy? Especially the kind with the ladder that comes down from the ceiling. Even during the day time, going into the attic to get something stored there, is inevitably done as fast as possible, in order to avoid the strange feeling that accompanies the journey. Perhaps it is the imagination running wild, that makes it seem like you are not alone up there. Anthropologists theorize, that the phenomena of the eerie attic is mostly do to the fact that in many households, the attic is located in a spot where only the owners of the house can easily access it. It becomes an unofficial spot to hide valuables, mementoes, and other things one would not want to

The Voice

Here at Buzzkill, our goal is to take the complex, and make it simpler. Making things easier to digest and understand, is no easy task when dealing with the good folks at HOPE Paranormal, because their friends are all over the place. Literally, the spirits that communicate with Josh, exist on plains that do not follow the same rules as ours. The latest video starts with Josh explaining that he had received a message from a spirit guiding him to speak with the members of the Scole Experiment, at 10:30 pm that night. Who was it that told Josh to have the meeting? Apparently Jesus Christ. (Talk about a character reference.) At 10:30, Josh felt the spirits’ presence in his home very strongl

The Reapers and the Jersey Devil

If you look back in time through the archives of the Director’s Post, you will come across a few stories about the Reapers. While the Reapers do not officially exist in our world, they do exist in the Buzzkill Universe. An entity, directly associated with the devil Lucifer, would definately come up on the Reaper’s radar. However, the Reapers did not spend too much time in New Jersey, despite initially intending to stay. This wanted poster uses the goat’s head depiction of the Jersey Devil, because common men and women (meaning not evil) tend to notice the devil the first time with a goat’s head. Since the Jersey Devil can change form, the creators wanted this image to be in the forefront

Josh Helps Michael

H.O.P.E. Paranormal is a group that specializes in helping spirits cross-over. Josh picks up the latest video in his car, which is parked in the cemetery right next to downtown West Palm Beach. He uses a recorder to communicate with the spirits, which were plentiful (cemetery). The spirit “Michael” was asking for help. Josh proceeded to verify that the two were communicating, which Michael does pretty on the nose. This video is probably the most linear example of a successful mission from HOPE Paranormal. After verification, Josh switches to a device, I want to say it’s the flux-capacitor, techno edition. The communication between Josh and the subject is distorted through a machine that

The Jersey Devil - Dark Figure

One of the more recent descriptions of the Jersey Devil is known as the “dark figure”. In many of these sightings, the creature is confused with the actual devil. It is a dark humanoid with horns and a tail. Witnesses to this figure describe the color as “darker than black”. The creature looks like a shadow, the absence of light. When examining the “dark figure” stories, in comparison to the rest of the Jersey Devil sightings, the witnesses all had something in common. All of the witnesses said that they were holding a camera. Each witness described the events leading up to seeing the creature the same way. After seeing the back figure appear, then disappear into the woods a couple ti

H.O.P.E. Paranormal (Side-Effects)

We had taken some time off of writing about our friends at H.O.P.E. Paranormal, mainly because this writer started seeing ghosts all over the place. This is not a creative ploy to spark your interest, this became a personal problem. There have been plenty of places, especially the locations used in shooting “Buzzkill New Jersey”, that are centuries old, and defiantly felt like they had spirits hanging around. It is not terribly uncommon to see figures in your peripheral vision in the 300 year-old Sgroi house, but the spirits all seem benevolent. The issue arrived as I began seeing spirits everywhere I went. Walking around Main Street, at the store, walking my dog, I would see people appe

Ghosts on the Boardwalk

When we first published the post, “The Ghost on the Boardwalk” we received a lot of feedback from coastal New Jersey citizens, dictating several different backstories concerning who exactly the spirit is. These are the most plausible/corroborated theories: Missing Party - This spirit is of a twenty-something girl from eastern Europe. She was traveling with her friends through America. After starting in New York, the group decided on their last night to travel to the beach. Apparently every member of the group had blonde hair and a light complexion except for one girl who had dark black hair. The story goes that the entire group got wasted and ended up passed out on the beach, but the da

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