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The Reapers and the Jersey Devil

If you look back in time through the archives of the Director’s Post, you will come across a few stories about the Reapers. While the Reapers do not officially exist in our world, they do exist in the Buzzkill Universe. An entity, directly associated with the devil Lucifer, would definately come up on the Reaper’s radar. However, the Reapers did not spend too much time in New Jersey, despite initially intending to stay.

This wanted poster uses the goat’s head depiction of the Jersey Devil, because common men and women (meaning not evil) tend to notice the devil the first time with a goat’s head. Since the Jersey Devil can change form, the creators wanted this image to be in the forefront of the minds of the Monmouth County, New Jersey populous.

Speculation is that while the image was hand-drawn, it was then cast in iron in order to print numerous posters. While initial reporting stated over 100,000 flyers were hung up around the state of New Jersey, only one press was made, which points towards the Reapers. Also, the creature is smiling and holding up the hand-symbol of the Boy Scouts of America. Both gestures are extremely out of character for the creature, which points to possibly satire, made by the Reapers, to annoy the beast.

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