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The Jersey Devil - Dark Figure

One of the more recent descriptions of the Jersey Devil is known as the “dark figure”. In many of these sightings, the creature is confused with the actual devil. It is a dark humanoid with horns and a tail. Witnesses to this figure describe the color as “darker than black”. The creature looks like a shadow, the absence of light.

When examining the “dark figure” stories, in comparison to the rest of the Jersey Devil sightings, the witnesses all had something in common. All of the witnesses said that they were holding a camera. Each witness described the events leading up to seeing the creature the same way. After seeing the back figure appear, then disappear into the woods a couple times, the witness would turn a corner and see the monster standing at the other end of the trail facing them.

Every witness describes booking-it in the opposite direction. While all of these witnesses eventually made it out of the woods, each one described feeling like they were being chased the whole way.

What lends credibility to the Jersey Devil theory, is the hostility towards people with cameras. It could be that the "dark figure" is the Jersey Devil's form when it wants to be intimidating.

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