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Kelly Whitlin and the Pretty Ones

Think of a random person in your head. I will give you their characteristics. They are a friendly, kind person. Was the person you thought up attractive? Of course they were, unless you have a fetish for ugly people. While beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, certain symmetry is undeniable. We would like to think that beautiful people are usually good people, but evil, and the devil himself, are also drawn to such creatures.

On to Kelly Whitlin. Kelly’s parents owned a beach house in Point Pleasant, where her family would spend the summer. Her young parents would often go out about town all night, so Kelly would host parties at her house. This is not unlike Jack Cuomo’s house, but for the fact that Jack’s parents live in North Carolina, so there was no risk of an awkward encounter in the early hours of the morning. Also, Kelly was pretty mean. Most girls did not like her. They would say she was “passive-aggressive” and “psychotic.”

Most guys chalked it up to a mix of jealousy and petty girl problems, but Kelly was definitely more bad than good. Girls, especially the ones that could compete with Kelly for attractiveness points, would often get tormented or embarrassed by her. One unfortunate target was allegedly tripped, and pushed down the stairs. Not cool.

Kelly was abducted while attending a house party in Seaside Park. The party still ended up going all night. Kelly was reported missing by her parents the next morning.

Police say she was taken around 7 pm. Her left shoe was found in the woods near a construction sight. Rumors were that a pentagram symbol was burned into the dirt a few feet away.

The pentagram was similar to the one found next to the pink hair-ribbon of Marie Clapper in 1841.

Kelly Whitlin

(Kelly Whitlin)

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