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Sketchiness in Point Pleasant

When traveling south from Belmar, through Spring Lake, then Manasquan and Brielle, you eventually get to Point Pleasant. The first of the “super-boardwalks” (and the least sketchy). There is Jenkinson’s Aquarium, club, a bar, carnival games, and the rides. Look for the “Savage Swings” story in the JERSEY DEVIL Category for more on that.

Like most places, Point Peasant is more than what it is known for. The sketchiness, I am afraid, was all too common. What better than some random dive near the lit-up boardwalk to attract disenfranchised youth. Broad strokes purposes, most of the young people effected would be considered “goth”. For whatever reason, a large amount of these goths were overweight. At least they started out that way.

Parents at first, were glad to see their child had slimmed down, maybe that would keep them from wearing the black lipstick to high school. When the goths got back to school after a few weekends, some others took notice. Even the hot chick who had secret body-dysmorphia went to check this place out.

Apparently the location kept moving. The youth was better at navigating the backwoods part of town. From what has made it through the grapevine, state police and the local pd tracked down the party. When they got there, it was only the 18 and under crowd. A few older creepers were around, but apparently they were homeless guys who lived in the abandoned location.

They were all asked who was responsible. Each kid said it was some guy, or some dude named "Guy". They tried explaining it to the detectives individually, but each kid gave a slightly different physical description. They were all consistent on the individual being attractive and nice. The person would hand-out what they called “Jollies” (also a nickname for Jolly Ranchers, which were popular at the time).

Whoever it was disappeared, and took whatever had existed of these “Jollies”. The kids from the parties all became sick once the parties stopped. Their symptoms were very close to dope-sickness, which is no fun at all.

The Jersey Devil connections are the location, which is relatively close to the Pine Barrens, and navigable by water, and the suspect's change in appearance. We are cross-referencing the kids from the parties to see if we can locate any pictures of Marie Clapper or Maria Roosevelt.

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