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It’s in the Attic

Why is it, that attics always feel creepy? Especially the kind with the ladder that comes down from the ceiling. Even during the day time, going into the attic to get something stored there, is inevitably done as fast as possible, in order to avoid the strange feeling that accompanies the journey. Perhaps it is the imagination running wild, that makes it seem like you are not alone up there.

Anthropologists theorize, that the phenomena of the eerie attic is mostly do to the fact that in many households, the attic is located in a spot where only the owners of the house can easily access it. It becomes an unofficial spot to hide valuables, mementoes, and other things one would not want to lose. Many times, the home-owner will hide their most treasured items in the attic. Here is where things go sideways.

When someone meets their end inside their home, it is not terribly uncommon for the spirit to linger there after the fact. When a new owner inevitably moves in, the spirits retreats to the hiding spot for their prized earthly possessions. If the item (coins, jewelry, artwork) remains hidden from the new owners, the spirit will maintain a strong connection with it. This also explains the phenomena of haunted cars or cursed valuables.

If your attic is causing you anxiety, give it a good look around (maybe with a friend) and see if you find anything that could be attracting a spirit. If that does not work, or you do not find anything, try reaching out to paranormal helpers like H.O.P.E Paranormal in order to help you with your unwanted house-mates.

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