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Belmar’s Fourth Dimension

One of the theories behind the over-abundance of ghost-sightings along the boardwalk in Belmar, New Jersey, is that the coastline is supposedly the location of a portal to another dimension. This phenomena could explain a few of the unusual stories like the “Wicked Cat of Wunderbrook House” as well as some of the ghosts.

The portal exists along the boardwalk on Ocean Avenue. The exact location can change, but it is always below 10th Avenue. The weather has to be clear, no clouds or fog. The light posts along the boardwalk turn on about 45 minutes before sundown. Around 4-6 am is when the portal supposedly opens, (about 30 minutes before the light posts turn off).

One of the most frequent visions is of the “space men” or “soldiers”. These two figures look like astronauts. Some say they are the ghosts of two scuba divers that were caught in a rip current after swimming too close to shore. The spirits walk out from the water, across the beach and onto the boardwalk before they disappear. The following picture was taken across from the lake on 6th avenue.

Because of the frequency of the “space men” being seen, scientific minds have concluded that they may be patrolling the area from another dimension, and their job to periodically check on the portal.

In order to verify the opening of the portal, one would first have to see the Wunderbrook House, and be judged by the wicked cat. (Find the story in the Ghost Stories Category.) After that, it is possible to witness the portal to the fourth dimension. Just be careful, no one knows what is on the other side.

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