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Ghosts on the Boardwalk

When we first published the post, “The Ghost on the Boardwalk” we received a lot of feedback from coastal New Jersey citizens, dictating several different backstories concerning who exactly the spirit is. These are the most plausible/corroborated theories:

Missing Party - This spirit is of a twenty-something girl from eastern Europe. She was traveling with her friends through America. After starting in New York, the group decided on their last night to travel to the beach. Apparently every member of the group had blonde hair and a light complexion except for one girl who had dark black hair. The story goes that the entire group got wasted and ended up passed out on the beach, but the dark-haired girl became lost from the group. Not speaking english, the girl was unable to communicate and reunite with her friends, which lead to her ultimate demise by drowning in the ocean. The spirit is known to follow groups with blonde hair, she usually disappears when she does not recognize the group members.

Skin Deep - This spirit is of a homeless man who frequently slept under the boardwalk. While the man was very nice and always quiet, his unusual appearance could definitely be jarring at first glance. This spirit usually disappears right away, presumably because he feels bad for scaring the sh*t out of you. If you can figure out his name and call out for him, the spirit will lead you to some of the cool secret spots around the area.

The Jogger - This one is probably the eeriest. On certain stretches of boardwalk, if you go running after sundown, the spirit of a jogging woman will appear to follow you. The spirit apparently looks vague and normal, and usually stays in your peripheral vision (where you see most ghosts). The woman loved jogging and is unaware that she is dead, so try not to let it bother you. She is just using you to keep her pace.

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