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Wicked Cat from Wunderbrook House

The Wunderbrook House has not existed in this spot for over 20 years. For anonymity, I will leave out the house and street number. In Belmar, New Jersey, especially after hurricane Sandy, new homes began to stand where old homes once stood. In many cases, the owners made sure the new house resembled the original house in some stylistic way.

The new house looks quite stunning most days. The pale grey and white trim is emblematic of the classical-modern colonial-style homes that populate the beach towns of New Jersey. What is unique is the intricate porch with archways throughout that resemble the Wunderbrook House.

Some days, usually at sun-down, when things become difficult to see as your eyes begin to adjust to the dark, the Wunderbrook House can be seen where the new house stands. The siding and trim become the consistent, institutional-grey that the Wunderbrook House was known for.

The Wunderbrook House was that one house on the street where you pick up the pace to a swift jog when you are passing it. Nothing documented, mostly speculation, many rumors. “Owned by the state,” was one rumor. The Wunderbrook House was always filled with different people, some staying for a day or so, some for multiple years, but it always changed. Although there were defiantly some salty-looking characters passing through the Wunderbrook House, nothing scared the kids like the Wicked Cat.

The Wicked Cat can look into your soul. At least that is was people say. The cat was known to make eye-contact with people. Groups of kids would walk by and the cat would only look at one. Whoever the cat looked at, had the darkest secret to hide.

At the right time of day, if you walk passed the spot and see the Wunderbrook House, keep an eye out for the Wicked Cat. The cat is actually a pretty mellow entity, but if he looks you in the eyes you'll remember why you, are in fact, the wicked one.

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