The Belmar House

Many of characters and themes involved in "Buzzkill New Jersey" have roots in real events and people who grew up in Monmouth County, New Jersey. “Jack Cuomo” is based off of Joe Vrola. Joe’s grandparents owned a beach house in Belmar, New Jersey. The house was left to his parents, and the family spent every summer in Belmar when the kids were growing up. When Joe and his friends got into high school, the Belmar house became one of their main places to hang out. The house was a hundred years old, but it was pretty big and had a great wrap-around porch and a large backyard. There was also a large detached garage in the backyard. The Belmar house was perfect for parties because it was a

Jersey Devil Sighting

Despite its elusiveness, the Jersey Devil is said to have been seen by quite a large amount of people. Very seldom does the witness have proof. Usually the person admits that it could have been a deer or a dog, maybe even a small bear. Problems arose when photography technology advanced and more and more people had access to cameras. Apparently, if the Jersey Devil believes you are trying to capture its picture, it will become very hostile towards you. During an exploration in the late 60’s of the Pine Barrens by a group of geologists from Princeton University, one member of the group fell behind and became lost. The scientist stated that after a looking around for her group, she came ac

The Jersey Devil and the Beach

The Jersey Devil’s connection to the beach is similar to most New Jersey natives. The beach is awesome, and it’s right there. The Jersey Devil has a connection to fresh water. It is known to able to travel through the waterways that weave throughout the state of New Jersey. Using the waterways gives a solid map that matches up with known Jersey Devil connections. Since it is largely believed the devil can take any human form it wants, it is safe to assume the devil would head to the beach during the summer. There are tons of people, easy to blend in.

BKNJ Review: American Mary

Apologies to the makers of American Mary. This review is long overdue. American Mary was one of the first films to completely represent the new wave of American Alternative Horror. The film combines the dark fetishes of modern society, and gives a look into the underworld of modern culture. What was so effective about American Mary was its precision filming. High quality footage that gives a crisp look, while keeping the feel of a movie. Not easy, the viewer’s eye can only handle so much. This is where AM really delivered. Katherine Isabelle plays “Mary Mason”. Since she played the little sister in one of my favorite movies of all time, “Disturbing Behavior”, she had my respect from t

Jersey Devil Origins

Always, there will be skeptics, as skepticism is the basis of science. Certain truths reveal themselves very clearly. Others, you may never truly know. New Jersey is a state full of skeptics. In fact, we are skeptical of you as soon as you get here. The Jersey Devil is considered to actually exist by current consensus in local communities of southern New Jersey. Picture Credits: Astonishing Legends Podcast Jersey Devil / Non Alien Creatures


Ghosting is ultimately, a tale as old as time. Writing people off is a part of life. Some good, some bad, reasons just come up. But none a more selfish and lazy technique now a days, than ghosting. Since text messages can essentially stack up endlessly, nothing is quite as bad as looking at a bunch of sent messages, with no response. Ghosting is when you ignore someone until they get the idea to go away. I guess that beats telling them whatever it is that made you want to drop them. However, by avoiding the confrontation, you miss the person’s rebuttal. The issue could have maybe been squashed. Nine times out of ten, the person on the wrong end of the ghosting, does not really know

BKNJ Review: Doctor Strange

We do not normally review superhero movies, but Doctor Strange is a film that delivers on many cinematic fronts. Knowing little background on the Doctor Strange series does not keep viewers from understanding and enjoying the film. Doctor Strange is a very professional-looking production. The plot delivers clearly, and although there is a ton of special effects, the story never seems to lose focus (must be all the meditating). Benedict Cumberbatch played a great character. Cumberbatch fit the jock-like surgeon savant with precision, equipped with cockiness to the point of being a bit of a jerk, and an obsessive need to excel in his field. The film brings some magic and sorcery into the mi

BKNJ Trivia

Buzzkill New Jersey (film), as some may know, is actually not the first Buzzkill movie. The first movie was simply called “Buzzkill”. Despite a lack of script, the film moved pretty well, even though the characters did not much more than drink and party, then get murdered. The question was, which one was the killer? Through tragic events, the movie was lost in the dustbin of early 21st century computers. The laptop containing the original Buzzkill hopefully still exists. Whereabouts unknown. The film had 4 creators; Joe Vrola, Will Leahey, Joe Sgroi and Brandon Emmons. Will Leahey was the editor, only he and Joe Vrola saw the latest draft of the film. The ending remained a myste

The Mischievous Jersey Devil

This is the most common South Jersey explanation of what the Jersey Devil is; It is small. Not so small as to not be threatening, but shorter than the average teenage male. The creature is much faster-moving than a human. It has been compared to the Tasmanian Devil, (not the cartoon). (Maybe the cartoon too, I don’t really know.) So what does it look like? There is your problem, the creature does not want to be seen. Apparently, the creature has a habit of leaving fast enough, that there is no real concrete description. After a few attempts at film documentaries, the Jersey Devil became down-right hostile towards anyone who specifically sought it out for a photo or video. The

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