They Never Listen to the Kids

If you have ever seen a classic ghost horror movie like “Child’s Play” or “The Poltergeist” you have felt the frustration of watching the young child be the first to accept the phenomenon around them, while the parents cynically wait until right before their about to be killed to accept reality. This Jersey Devil story rings that bell a little. There was a young family that had just moved into a neighborhood in Brick, New Jersey. It was a young married couple and their daughter. The daughter was around 3 years old. The girl was nice but introverted and almost never spoke to anyone but her parents. The father worked all day and only got to see his girl for a few hours every night after w

The Blob

The Blob story is shocking in its tragedy. It supposedly takes place close to the University of Delaware. Solid school, solid parties, solid chicks. Check. Check. Check. Except for the year of the Blob. During the late 60’s - early 70’s there was a large influx of psychedelic drug-usage. This concentration was part of the “Free Love” movement (the hippies). LSD or acid was a lot more popular than today. The people would trip in order to alter their mind and experience reality a different way. Since the users were ultimately peaceful, the movement was relatively benign. Every group has their devils, and wouldn’t ya know it, someone at the university brought around some bad shit. The r

Good vs. Evil

As the mainstream moral consciousness evolves, the distinctions between peoples’ conception of evil change. Moral relativism dilutes the rules of being a decent person enough for “good” people to claim moral integrity while ultimately acting to the detriment of others. Our world has entered into a phase of exponential growth in access to information. In free countries, average citizens are able to access anything they want to know thanks to the internet. The internet broke through the fourth wall of reality. Vast, thoroughly detailed and moving at lightning speed. Normal every-day people now have a way to learn the equivalent of a college degree through websites and Youtube videos. Indi

Great Britain Votes To Leave The European Union: Editorial

Amazing morning. Finally something big goes the way of freedom, and from Brits! Cheers my friends, your vote for freedom was heard around the world. Britain can take care of Britain. The British people realized they were getting a raw deal being in the EU and said peace. Like most with my way of thinking, I’m stuck with endless pessimism because things always seem to go one way. When the media is dictating a narrative one way, and you watch the people who are only half paying attention dictate the media argument verbatim, it is a mixture of extremely annoyed and slightly sad. Like I said, pessimistic. Those who live in western cultures deeply appreciate western culture. Mostly becaus

Phalanx Road, Hominy Hill Road - 2 Ghost Stories

In Colts Neck, New Jersey, which by the way is one of the best places to live in New Jersey, there is a road called Phalanx Road. The road connects the town of Lincroft with Colts Neck. Brookdale Community College on one end, Colts Neck Golf Club on the other. The road crosses over the reservoir when you travel from one town to the other. The Colts Neck side is where things get dicey. The first ghost is a teenaged girl, who walks along the street. The story is that she was walking down the road at night. The road is very windy and heavily wooded on both sides of the street. She was hit by a car and killed. She now walks up and down the street at night. People think she is a hitchhi

The UK’s Independence Day

Tomorrow, Thursday June 23rd, Great Britain will be voting on weather or not to leave the European Union. Much like the 4th of July is to America, tomorrow will be a day celebrated or revered for years to come. The vote is based primarily on the fact that the European Union is in no way thinking about the daily lives of the people of the United Kingdom. That is the thing about the elitist Globalist. The further away the person gets from you that decides your fate, the less they care about what happens to you. Most would just as soon never meet or talk to you, forget listening to your problems. People, unfortunately think of self first, it’s part of being a mammal. If you are a citizen of

Jersey Devil Origins: Cover-Up

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist.” - T.U.S. The Jersey Devil legend is well over 300 years old. The encounters remain random but relatively consistent throughout the years, yet the skepticism still exists. Now a days, even the most obvious truths are met with contrarian argument. For some it is denial, a stubborn commitment to their original optimistic hypothesis. Some rationalize with alternative theory to cast doubt on the certainty of something they don’t want to be true. Truths exist weather you believe in them or not, and the Jersey Devil is real. Like many abhorrent creations and tragedies, people don’t pay attention until th


Happy first day of summer!

Jersey Devil: Origins

The early depictions of the Jersey Devil as a human show a large range of races (go figure in New Jersey). The default human form was more of a myth anyway. Many people just picture someone they very much dislike, and that’s kinda what the default Jersey Devil looked like to them. The monster form is a lot more fun. It also is very highly debated because the creature seems different in every portrayal. People would pick out things like the teeth and only remember the teeth. Apparently the Jersey Devil does a lot of smiling, which is cute on a dog, not a walking monster. This depiction was drawn by an artist who met with an apparent Jersey Devil victim and heard her description.

Buzzkill Characters: Dennis and Jerry

Dennis and Jerry would effectively add the “surfer” characters to the party scene. There in lies the key. The local inhabitance of the Jersey Shore are very into surfing. New Jersey has very decent surf. The Atlantic Ocean is not as cold as the Pacific Ocean, so the winter is when the true dudes paddle out. Dennis and Jerry were both good. They would go before school, after school, whenever there were waves. New Jersey waves are not very consistent, so we would have to call the surf-report to get the conditions. “Knee high, sloppy, chest high, clean” etc. There are a lot of surfers in the area. Dennis and Jerry really made it their lives. They even moved out to the Hawaiian island o

Editorial: Orlando, Florida Massacre

I found out about the shooting on Sunday morning. It took a long time to process. The body count is currently 50 with another 50 injured. I had that same deep feeling of sadness for the innocent victims, mixed with that same disdained hatred for the perpetrator. I remember the first time I felt this, when I saw Osama bin Ladin’s picture during 9/11. A real-life devil. A scumbag. I went to for the story because I wanted the facts. I had a feeling what kind of person the suspect would be even before I saw him because of who his target was. That p.o.s. shooter made a mistake by bringing to light a hatred that no-one should forget. Regardless of what you feel about other people

Jersey Devil Pharmacy Ring

Something within the last 15 years! This one’s got another murky connection but I feel it is stronger than even the Marie Clapper Followers. Plus the Jersey Devil is in this one. This story starts in the summer of 2009, a year or so after companies began making an easier on the stomach oxycodone and thoroughly f*cking up a large amount of un-knowing young Americans. And that’s just Big Pharma, and they struck when the iron was hot. Much of what was bought and purchased was legal for a long time period, so the government aint’ a saint either. Plus they had no problem rounding up the offenders after they ran up the tab a little, before bringing down the hammer…but I digress. This story act

Jersey Devil Ghost Story

The Jersey Devil legend is more well-known by people who grew up in New Jersey, as opposed to transplants from somewhere else. The reason for this is because children at a young age passed on the story throughout the years. The legend is extremely old and details get changed from time to time. Some believe that the Jersey Devil started out as a ghost story told to children. A couple hundred years ago, people didn’t have as much to occupy their time besides working and reading. Ghost stories were extremely popular among the youth. Parents would warn the children that if they didn’t behave and lived a sinful lifestyle, the Jersey Devil would fly into their window at night, take them out o

Jersey Devil Encounter Witness

We managed to track down a man who is believed to have encountered the Jersey Devil. He resides in a psychiatric center in South Carolina. We were told to keep the name of the center and the witness secret. We will call him Mr. Brown. The background on Mr. Brown is very cloudy. He is roughly 68 years old, and the only family we could find was an ex-girlfriend from 40 years ago. Her name is Karen. Thankfully, she was pretty helpful. We asked her to verify what she could about Mr. Brown’s experience meeting the Jersey Devil. Karen told us most of what we had found written about Mr. Brown was fabrication. According to his Karen, Mr. Brown was a very smart and charismatic young man. Whe

New Jersey Jesus

Let's preface this story by saying that finding a white guy in my area with long hair and a short beard that looks like Jesus is not exactly a difficult task. That being said, this guy looked a lot like Jesus, like, on the nose. One thing about the beach, is that Birkenstocks work fabulously as far as sandals go. Sturdy mofos. So the Jesus nickname stuck. Don’t come to New Jersey standing out if you can’t handle the nickname you get. This guy embraced it. I think it’s an easy call when you look as close as this guy did. So he hung around a while, and I was secretly on the lookout for miracles every time he was around. The last time I saw NJJ was Halloween. Weird right? He had shaved

Buzzkill Movie Trivia: The Barn

The Barn The Barn in Buzzkill New Jersey is based off of the barn located in back of the real-life home of the Sgroi family. The house is in Colts Neck, New Jersey and is over 300 years old. The Barn is also very old, and quite big. The Barn has been used for many different things over the years. When the group of friends that inspired the group in Buzzkill was going through high school, The Barn was a top hang out spot. The Barn was built into a hill, so there is a bottom entrance (pictured) and a second floor entrance on the opposite side. The second floor was a big open-air barn. Joe Sgroi built a halfpipe on one side of The Barn that was big enough to ride bmx bikes on. The group

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