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One of the locations used when filming Buzzkill New Jersey is the Sgroi house. This estate is over 300 years old. The compound includes a main house, 2 smaller houses and a large red barn (pictured). There are a few different spirits that have been seen walking around the grounds. I'll let Joe Sgroi tell you about them. The following story took place at a very similar-looking establishment, supposedly somewhere close to Monmouth County, NJ. The deaths happened during an extremely bitter winter in the late 1700’s. The barn would become a temporary sanctuary for the occasional passer-by. Supposedly, there was a sign on the front and back entrances to the barn that notified any travelers t

The BKNJ Director’s Post

What is the BKNJ Director’s Post? The Director’s Post offers Jersey Devil stories. We also have stories about the first Jersey Devil victim, Marie Clapper. You may recognize her from the first promo video. Also, if you dig, you will come across some stories on the Reapers, look for the symbols below. The Reapers are a very secretive organization, I’ll trust your discretion. The setting of Buzzkill New Jersey is Belmar, New Jersey. Belmar is one of the northern points of the Jersey Shore. To get a better feeling of what the beach is like, check out the Jersey Shore category. For those who enjoy ghost stories, the Ghost Stories category contains mostly verified and confirmed ghost stories

BKNJ Review: Black Mirror

Wow, those Brits are dark. For anyone who likes to imagine a world where every hardship can lead to a positive conclusion, a world where people are ultimately decent, and feel empathy towards those less fortunete, the world of Black Mirror is not for you. There exists a place where the impossible becomes possible, where logic and science evolve to the point where you, the individual cannot trust what is happening in front of you. A world where discovering reality can tear your mind apart. Sinister forces with bad intentions rewrite the rules, and you are left wondering exactly what it takes to make out alive, here, in The Twilight Zone, I mean Black Mirror. Black Mirror offers us an extr

BKNJ Review: Midnight Meat Train

Gore porn fans, get your glasses on. "Midnight Meat Train" had this stone cold horror fan wincing away from the screen on multiple occasions, which only serves to sharpen your hearing. Your mind fills in the gaps. Bradley Cooper is a very smart script picker, there has got to be another word for that, that sounded like a backhanded compliment. Cooper choosing Midnight Meat Train, accompanied by the incredibly pretty Leslie Bibb as “Maya”, lulls the viewer into thinking this film might not be that f*cked up. But it is. What is smart about this film is the use of the butcher. The fact that someone is responsible for an animal becoming a steak or a hamburger could very well dull that indiv

BKNJ Review: 13 Reasons Why

Netflix again, with “13 Reasons Why”, is re-defining the entertainment landscape. They have managed to do this by turning the television series, into a long film. The best part is the binge-access, in which one can watch the entire season in a few days. 13 Reasons Why sets up the premise right away, which is important, and an improvement on the stories that take a little too long to figure out what you are trying to figure out. The scenes move fast, but the story moves slow. This sucks in the modern short attention span and keeps it. Dylan Minnette, who plays “Clay Jensen” is a perfect cast. Clay is the only character solid enough to continue to watch navigate these complicated episodes

The Jersey Devil-Jersey Shore Connection

The Jersey Devil is a dark creature from South Jersey (obviously). If you look at New Jersey’s coast, there is a channel of waterways that run parallel to the southern shore area. The Jersey Devil is sometimes characterized as a reptile based on its connection to water. The Jersey Devil is not known to travel into the ocean, but it is able to make it from the Pine Barrens to Spring Lake using primarily the fresh and brackish waterways along the coast. Monmouth County is the northern most part of the Jersey Shore. There is no place quite like it. Asbury Park has seen a resurgence that is incredible compared to what it was ten years ago. Asbury Park used to be a place you either drove thr

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