Jersey Devil: Photographed

In the 90s, many business owners began putting video-surveillance in their establishments. The security footage would be put onto to VHS tapes that could be stored or rerecorded on the next day. There was a young man who owned a slaughterhouse in southern Jersey. (To spare readers from the uncomfortable feelings that come with this sad fact of life, we will not say what was killed there.) The family was invested in a few different ventures, but the slaughter house brought home the bacon, so to speak. The owner never stepped foot on the kill-room floor when they were in production. After the business owner found some “non-production related” injuries on the meat, he installed a camera in t

BKNJ Review: The Purge: Election Year

Caution: Slight Spoilers The Purge: Election Year is the third installment in the franchise. It provides a very well-rounded, polished and cinematically effective story. I would like to personally thank the editors and sound engineers for their skillful, and very obviously difficult work. The film’s score was able to capture the essence of The Purge, and create the emotion that this storyline was meant to produce. What is that emotion? Like most films, there are many. The emotions of The Purge are (in no particular order) fear, paranoia, sadness, adrenalin and I think most effectively in The Purge: Election Year, self-realization, because remember, this all would be considered legal behavi

BKNJ Review: The Purge: Anarchy

As we attempt to top the simple, perfect concept that is The Purge and its universe, we expect to see a multiplicity of carnage, guns and killing. Check, check and check. The original Purge, for those who have been living on Mars, was about a scenario where one day a year, there were no laws. The original begins showing a vibrant economy, one percent unemployment, and a seemingly happy populous. We then learn the fine print of allowing murder, is that people start to enjoy killing each other. The first Purge was very low budget, but effective because of its creativity and solid delivery in fleshing out the concept. The Purge: Anarchy was the intricate result of a creative mind getting t

The Jersey Devil and Staten Island

If you know anything about New Jersey, you should know where Staten Island is. Staten Island, New York has its quirks and its charms. In "Buzzkill New Jersey", the Dameo sisters are originally from Staten Island. In fact it seems the women from SI get along quite well with guys in Monmouth County, New Jersey, while the guys from Staten Island, tend to create too much friction when on other people’s turf. This post is about the Jersey Devil, and personal politics aside, Staten Island people like doing business. What kind of business? What are you a cop? One of the most ruthless things about the Jersey Devil, is that its existence is based solely on doing its work. The Jersey Devil’s wor

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