The Return to Riddle House

Our friends at HOPE Paranormal have come out swinging in 2018. You can learn more about the groups' evolution by checking out the HOPE Paranormal Category. The Riddle House is an old house that used to be located across the street from one of Josh’s favorite cemeteries. Yes, Josh has favorite cemeteries. Why? Oh, because he communicates with ghosts. “I don’t believe in ghosts.” Okay, that is totally fine, skeptics have the most fun learning new things. The great thing about this latest video is the how effortless and direct the communication is between Josh and the spirits “Joseph” and “Jacob”, who has a noticeably younger-sounding voice and identified as “about to be ten” when asked h

Pirate Ships

Most of the characters in "Buzzkill New Jersey", are representations of one or more actual individuals that grew up in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Most of these people lived in Colts Neck, which is just a stone’s throw away from Belmar, New Jersey (where "Buzzkill NJ" takes place). In the late 90’s some of the many playgrounds located around Belmar adopted large wooden pirate ships. These things were cool. They were built like actual boats. There would be a ladder up to the top floor, and another ladder down into the giant hulls of the ships. As one could imagine, kids love forts (being that most of them do not have their own house). Forts provide a place to hang out with privacy from

Ghost Witness

Many people believe that dogs and certain other domestic pets are able to pick-up on paranormal activity better than most humans. It could be their exceptional hearing, as most ghosts are pretty quiet. Ghosts are physically made-up of a collection of energy. Dogs have certain protective instincts and their heightened senses could possibly pick-up on a spirit entering the premises. Maybe that is why your dog suddenly barks for no reason, or stares intensely at nothing. The ghost witness was a Norfolk Terrier, which is a very smart breed. The dog's owner put a chair next to the upstairs window, where the dog would stand to look out at the front of the house. The medium-sized dog loved to


The scariest ghost stories always end up one way. Can you guess it? The stories begin similarly. Average, normal situations that suddenly or eventually reveal something strange, or weird, something paranormal. The people who are plagued by these events will tell you that theirs is the scariest ghost story, because it happened to them. The scariest ghost story of all, is when you end up the ghost. From there you are left with a few options. This is why it is important, when you share a friendship with someone, especially individuals with whom you have shared situations that you still hold onto, to not forget about them. You may need closure with someone or some thing. You may have unf

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