World at War

It is odd living in a world that is at war already, but your side won’t acknowledge it. Easter being the Holiest of holidays for Christians, and I have to hear from about some garbage person in Pakistan slaughtering 72 innocent women and children with a bomb at an Easter celebration. I think someone’s forgotten what happens when you wake the sleeping giant. I had been struggling with‘s 75% - 25% favoritism of Trump to Ted. Knowing that a good relationship with Trump Media would be Huge if Trump were to become President, I understand their position as a Media company. The Alex Jones’ endorsement definitely helps with my thoughts on Trump (worth a look-up on You

Pop-Punk / Ska is not dead

If you have never been to a Less Than Jake show, you’re missing out. I was in the 7th grade the first time I heard the album Losing Streak. I was on a class-trip and a friend of mine lent me the CD from his older brother’s collection. Before this, I had heard a few ska songs from No Doubt and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones on the radio, but Losing Steak changed my life. I sat by myself on the bus and listened to every song over and over. Growing up as a “millennial,” I was coming of age when music recording and mixing technology was rapidly increasing. Rap music was popular in the suburbs and Techno had its nitch. There was something about people actually playing instruments that appealed t

Movie Review: Stake Land (no spoilers)

2011 Director: Jim Mickle Writers: Jim Mickle, Nick Damici (also lead character) (Available on Netflix) Stake Land was very well-crafted. The cinematography was truly delightful to watch. It was unique, without being overly “artsy” and perfectly captures the environment. Despite the shit-sandwich these characters are encountering on a daily-basis, the movie had a sense of peace to it that makes the unimaginable tolerable to watch. I would have loved some more one-liners for “Mister,” at the end, but the character was great. The character Martin was a solid narrator. Over-all, I can say is Stake Land delivers, and despite my next paragraph, needs to be seen. I have a couple criticisms, but m

The Jersey Devil

The New Jersey Devils hockey team is one of the few professional sports teams that actually represents the Garden State (thanks Brooklyn). New Jersey does host the Giants and the Jets, but those teams do what many northern New Jersey residents do when they're away on vacation, they say they are from New York. Down in south Jersey, they root for the Eagles, which is sacrilege to me, being from central Jersey (yes, there is a central Jersey). Most people from my area and above root for the New York Rangers hockey team, or the Islanders (if you are originally from Mars). South Jersey likes the New Jersey Devils. The Jersey Devils hockey team has provided great cover to the Jersey Devil legend.

The Devil Went Down to Florida

The Jersey Devil is obviously most well-known in New Jersey. The Pine Barrens of South Jersey more specifically, is known to be its home. The Devil’s radius seems to end in Monmouth County to the north, and borders of Philadelphia and Delaware to the west and south respectively. There is speculation as to whether the Jersey Devil has ever left this specific area in the north-east. Research has led to some stories of individuals, being afflicted by the Jersey Devil and re-locating to other states to get away from it. It is difficult to get a trace on those people’s situations after they left New Jersey. Most of the time, the trail goes cold. The only state with any record of the Jersey De

This happened.

Okay, so the manager was sitting at his desk. The first employee walked in and said “It smells like sulfur in hallway.” Manager asked “What does sulfur smell like?” Another employee said “like rotten eggs.” Manager remembers that and says “Oh, that’s right.” Other employee “But it’s not that bad. Probably coming from the warehouse.” Next employee walks in and says. “Can you smell the spring in the air?” Manager doesn’t hear that part. Employee sits down and says “Could you smell it?” Manager says “Oh yea, like rotten eggs.” I’m laughing too hard in a public place so I’m going it end it there. Not the answer the guy was expecting.

The Morning Crew

Jack Cuomo - Main Character "Whenever I was the one throwing a party, I would always stay up all night. The first reason was that I was paranoid of people drawing a dick or something on my face. Second reason was that I was not going to tap out and leave the house at risk of being destroyed by very drunk friends who catch a second wind and decide to fight in the living room. My friend Jerry was usually the one who would make it until sunrise with me. Jerry and I would usually walk down to the beach and see the sun come up. Watching the sun come up would help me get over the fact that I did not sleep, and begin to face the day. We began to see the same people at the beach every time. We c

Wicked Cat from Wunderbrook House

The Wunderbrook House has not existed in this spot for over 20 years. For anonymity, I will leave out the house and street number. In Belmar, New Jersey, especially after hurricane Sandy, new homes began to stand where old homes once stood. In many cases, the owners made sure the new house resembled the original house in some stylistic way. The new house looks quite stunning most days. The pale grey and white trim is emblematic of the classical-modern colonial-style homes that populate the beach towns of New Jersey. What is unique is the intricate porch with archways throughout that resemble the Wunderbrook House. Some days, usually at sun-down, when things become difficult to see as yo

Buzzkill Movie Trivia

Many of the events in Buzzkill New Jersey are inspired by actual events. People who grew up in New Jersey can agree that the term "clique" most accurately describes the social landscape. Groups of friends (usually a group of guy best-friends and a group of girl best-friends) would hang together most of their free time. These cliques all have allies and enemies. Which town you were from was usually the biggest over-arch to unify the cliques, though age-based differences and generational hazing was to be expected.


Just when you thought warm weather was close, you forgot about March. Summer is at least closer than it was. The coming months are really great in Belmar, NJ for the locals who have been cramped inside all winter, staring at a beach that was 19 degrees. There will be some nice days, but March could end up being worse than February if Mother Nature says so. Regardless, f***-off February, you cold miserable bitch.

I Get Political...

Being the day after Super Tuesday, I am going to get a bit political. I really wish that colleges and universities weren’t filled with progressives. It doesn’t surprise me, the job is perfect for people who love telling others how to live. Young minds in their prime being filled with crap right before they enter the real world. Depressing. The United States is a Constitutional Republic. We decide our government representatives democratically, but the Constitution sets the law. But the U.S. Constitution was written in the mid 1700’s, it can’t possibly keep up with changing times and technologies! That is the incredible thing about documents like the US Constitution, Alcoholics Anonymous,


I am not an outgoing personality. Call it an overactive inner-monologue. Now that is not to say I believe I'm incapable of making a statement. Quite the contrary, there is still the written word. But do people today care about the written word? Are we so over-stimulated with media, information and entertainment that we never ponder a thought more than 30 seconds at a time? This may be true, but if you can keep your statements bold, to the point and clear you have a chance at keeping people’s attention. What else though? What do people respond to? There has to be more than conflicting ideologies and adjusting to new social-norms. My opinions are obviously influenced by my life experience. I a

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