Marie Clapper - Ghost Story?

The most simple explanation of the reoccurring sightings of the Jersey Devil’s first kidnapping victim Marie Clapper, is that her ghost has remained trapped on earth for the last 200 years. The Clapper’s south Jersey home was quite large, and after the family vacated, the building was turned into a hostel. The building still exists in Linwood, New Jersey. A local ghost-hunting group recently explored the space. While they claimed to have had contact with many spirits, they were unable to connect with Marie Clapper. The group took photographs whenever their clairvoyant felt spirits around. The following picture was taken of an empty hallway. The photographer claims the ghost image appear

BKNJ Review: Death Note

What Netflix lacks in choices, it makes up for in creative content. Death Note is another, in a long line of trail-blazing Netflix Originals. If you are a fan of monsters, gory death, love stories and Williem Dafoe, Death Note has what you need. Dislikes first, the quirky, advanced, Antifa-looking cop-hero, was pretty socially-awkward. I guess that makes sense. Death Note was a swing for the fence, and it did not slow down when it came to outrageous plot-developments, characters (one in particular) and societal undertones. The love-story between the main characters might have been secondary, but it delivers on an emotional level. The film was scored fantastically, helping the viewer alon

Belmar, New Jersey

Very few places on earth, can match the feeling one gets, simply from being in a town like Belmar, New Jersey on a nice day. As far as Jersey beach towns go, Belmar is the quintessential spot. The beach is big, the boardwalk is solid and long, and the town itself is perfect for a cruise around on your bike. Unfortunately, like many Jersey Shore towns, Belmar is in New Jersey, which means bad characters will ultimately be around somewhere. When visiting NJ, it is important to never let your guard down. New Jersey could claim the “scumbag”, as its unofficial mascot.

The Jersey Devil - Corrupter

While origins and motivations of the Jersey Devil change depending on who you talk to, its effects are consistently negative. One of the most insidious explanations of the creature, is that the devil Lucifer, sent the Jersey Devil to New Jersey for the purpose of corruption. Often times, the target of the Jersey Devil is by all accounts a strong and capable person. The Jersey Devil looks for a weakness or secret, a fatal flaw that the creature uses to bring the individual down. While the aftermath itself is usually tragic, the theory is that the Jersey Devil causes the person’s destruction, in order to prevent them from doing something in the future that could benefit society. One of the

Steve Huff’s Last Session

If you have been following along with our commentary on spiritual-helpers, HOPE Paranormal, you would know that Josh, the group’s leader, recently took a trip to Arizona to aid his friend and colleague, Steve Huff. Steve has been a pioneer in inter-demential communication, but years of aiding spirits with a benevolent purpose had landed Steve on the radar of some sort of dark entity. Josh, in an effort to help his friend, set up multiple sessions. They did not want to start-off directly calling out for dark spirits, so Josh went about his usual work of trying to guide spirits towards the light. For whatever reason, Josh’s presence seemed to stem the tide of darkness and fear, that had bee

Paranormal Helpers

When a property-owner feels a paranormal presence in their building, they sometimes seek the help of paranormal helpers. HOPE Paranormal is one such group. If the group determines the spirit to be relatively good, the goal becomes to get the spirit to cross-over to Heaven. Many times, fear or something else, keeps the spirit from wanting to pass on. The home or building-owners want the spirit to leave either way. This creates a difficult catch 22 for HOPE Paranormal. Part of their job is to cleanse the premises, which keeps the spirits out, but once this is done, they can lose contact with a spirit, that could ultimately be trying to get to Heaven. It seems like spirits are just like hu

Steve Huff and the Devil

We are starting a new category today for HOPE Paranormal, and the goings on of spirit-chasers or what is commonly known as “ghost-hunting”. Josh is a friend of Buzzkill, and HOPE Paranormal is his organization. For background, check out the HOPE Paranormal Category in the Director's Post. Steve Huff is a fellow paranormal helper, and it should be known, that what these individuals are attempting is extra-worldly, and therefore bring them into contact with spirits. Spirits, much like people, can be stronger than others, and that strength can come from a place of good or evil. We know that Josh and his team help spirits, who are trapped on earth, pass on to Heaven. It seems Steve has come

The Jersey Devil and Water

The Jersey Devil has a connection to fresh water. While its normal habitat is the Pine-Barrens of south Jersey, the creature is suspected of using the waterways of New Jersey to move quickly around the state. When mapping different Jersey Devil sightings or rumored contacts, researchers noticed large bodies of water within a few square miles of each one. There has been some debate over weather or not the Jersey Devil has made it up to Monmouth County, which is in central Jersey. While no theory has be proven, it is interesting to note that all suspected instances were within twenty miles of each other, and all locations were within five miles of the reservoir that exists throughout the co

Ghost in a Day Spa

If you have not yet read any posts about HOPE Paranormal, here is some background; Josh is the leader of a group of “Helpers Of Paranormal Entities” (HOPE), that seeks to help spirits, who are trapped on earth, unable to pass-on to Heaven. Because ghosts are essentially the spirits of people, this task is difficult, and watching HOPE Paranormal work can be complicated. Recently, a day spa reached out to HOPE Paranormal, because their employees were seeing the ghost of a man, appearing in their office. Needless to say, a male ghost creeping around your spa would make relaxing very difficult, so the business owners were rightfully concerned. It takes a few times of watching HOPE Paranormal v

The Barn

The Barn is a very cool place. It has been host to many cool restorations and renovations. It has become considerably less-spooky over the years. Back in the day, the downstairs level was scary as hell, and nighttime, forget about it.

The Afterlife / Spirits

One thing, that to some degree, seems to be on everyones’ mind, is the afterlife. What happens, you know, after you are no longer a living person? Tons of film and television creations revolve around this question. If you went to public school and became a Godless pagan, you may be frustrated with this part of humanity. Losing faith seems to have become a new fad. If an individual is no longer faithful, there are 3 basic options, for after you break the mortal coil; none are especially pleasant (just sayin'). Sometimes, a tragic event or misfortune stays with a person, keeping them from finding peace. These spirits are what we commonly call ghosts. The important thing to know is, once

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