BKNJ Review: Bloodline

Bloodline has recently appeared on Netflix, after starting as an HBO series. The series follows the Rayburn family, and despite owning some pristine coastal properties around the Florida Keys, the family also hosts a whole lot of issues. The series alone is fantastic, and the producers do a great job of capturing tons of beautiful scenery, and establishing that from anyone else’s perspective, these people have it made. All families have their secrets though, and certain characters cannot seem to get out of their own way. Bloodline is intense, excellently scored, and full of great performances from the cast. Here at Buzzkill, we tend to be into the more gory, and sadistic parts of film an

The Ghost on the Boardwalk

Here is a tip, for those of you who are not born and raised in New Jersey; If you are in New Jersey, and someone tells you a story, take it with a grain of salt. Jersey people tend to eat-up gossip like Swedish Fish. They will also embellish parts of the story where they do not have all the facts. Very rarely will people sacrifice a good rumor, for the sake of the truth. The ghost on the boardwalk supposedly exists in several different beach towns. The legend is, the guy was a local. Mostly, locals tend to get along with each other, saving all their animus for those awful New Yorkers or clueless Pennsylvania drivers. This guy apparently was a drunk, whose behavior deteriorated most nig

The Jersey Devil - Witness

The Jersey Devil’s origin has always been difficult to verify because of the amount of theories and explanations given by historians and witnesses. Physically, the creature appears slightly different to each witness. Witnesses tend to notice specific things about the monster, like the eyes or the horns. We traveled to the Pine-Barrens to meet with a self-described “medicine-man”. A few members of the surrounding community said he was a witch-doctor, who routinely practiced voodoo. We figured he would know something about the Jersey Devil. When we arrived at his residence, he invited us inside. We sat in his common area, and the man immediately and correctly guessed all of our religions,

BKNJ Review: Taking Lives

Very rarely now a days, do you come across a movie that you do not want to end. Very seldom do the endless micro-actions we take when watching a film bother us because we cannot hear or see what is happening. “Taking Lives” is a knock-out film. The film uses music, which is defiantly an under-utilized emotion-creator. This film jars the viewers eyes awake in the first scene, after that, we have to know what is going to happen. Angelina Jolie is an old crush from my adolescence, and even while playing a more vulnerable character, she gives powerful performance. The film even incorporates her perfect symmetry with dialogue that adds to the plot in a major way. These filmmakers put in obvio

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