Diana, Jack and Pat

These three are quite the group. Diana comes from a family of all girls (4 sisters). Pat has one sister, Jack has two sisters. There is no real story as to what made them friends. They were just always friends. Officially, the story is Diana was best friends with a girl that Jack was into. Diana also lived very close to Pat. Diana was always a solid wingman for the guys, and vice versa. Supposedly there has been talk of Diana and Pat making out when they were drunk. Not surprising, Diana is a bit of a make-out slut, and Pat doesn’t say no to anyone female. Jack is also a make-out slut like Diana, but Jack has been known to sweet-talk girls, then grow tired of them quickly, leaving

BKNJ Review: The Place Beyond the Pines

An effective film delivers its message, regardless of the audience’s biases going into it. The Place Beyond the Pines comes off initially as a complicated arty film, but it is very effective in delivering the plot and telling the story. The opening scene is really well executed. Very cool character introduction. Lots of great cinematic shots throughout. The story is ultimately tragic, and as a viewer, it does not inspire much of a message. The story simply is, what the story is. The characters behave much like you would expect average, real-life people to behave. These characters are very important to the story. MVPS (minor spoilers): Ben Mendelsohn’s “Robin”. Socially uncomfortable

The Jersey Devil Conspiracy Theory

The cold hard fact is, the Jersey Devil is ultimately a conspiracy theory. But much like a group of minors found out one summer heading into their sophomore year, conspiracy is a charge you can receive by the court, and that is not fun at all. Conspirators in a group work together, they plan together for a common goal. When that goal is something nefarious, the people who seek to do the evil deed, are held responsible for doing so. So what exactly was it that this group of freshman got charged with? Conspiracy to commit, murder. … Oh sh*t! I know. The details got held up because of the minors’ status. Only one in the group was over 18 years old. Supposedly that one was just sociall

BUZZKILL Movie Trivia

The Buzzkill Universe is pretty old. Some of the Jersey Devil stories are unconfirmed, though we do our best to verify. The Buzzkill Movie Trivia stamp will help determine which stories draw the most common parallel with film's universe.

The Jersey Devil: Opportunistic

Stories of the Jersey Devil’s exploits range from petty vandalism to assisted suicide and murder (allegedly). The creature’s supernatural abilities also change according to who is telling the story. Most stories agree that the creature can disappear, some say it can change form and even imitate people. What is a bit murky, is how or why the victims are chosen by the Jersey Devil. These motivations change depending on the the devil’s origin story. The theory that comes from the Christian interpretation is that the Jersey Devil is an emissary for Lucifer, and its job is to corrupt people who could otherwise have a positive effect on their community. The Jersey Devil looks for able commun

BKNJ Review: Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie

“Umm, what?” I believe that phrase correctly describes the feelings conjured up in this Netflix Mystery Movie, but in a good way. Jeff Garlin is one of those naturally funny people, so much so that I thoroughly enjoy his stand-up, even though he only tells like 3 actual jokes in 30 minutes. This movie looks effortless, but is actually very well executed. It seems whatever it was trying to be, it delivered on the nose. Handsome watches like a comedy detective show, but unlike some others, the characters are what brings out the humor, not the gags. Garlin is funny without being overbearing, Natasha Lyonne is overbearing in a good way while still being likable. All the characters were good

BKNJ Review: Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Netflix)

I feel compelled to write this review, based solely on the awesomeness of Patton Oslwalt’s hair in the Netflix reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000. As a younger lad, I thoroughly enjoyed the the banter between Crow, Tom Servo, and whoever the guy was. Okay, so I will try to explain the premise (it’s better done in song). In order to fulfill the dastardly plans of these mad scientist space criminals, they hold captive an astronaut and force him to watch old movies. The robots are companions that are meant to keep the human captive tethered to reality. The films they pick are often quite old and weird. What is cool is the bridging of culture from now and the past. Despite the justified

Marie Clapper - The Legend

Throughout the years, Marie Clapper, most commonly known for being the first kidnapping victim of the Jersey Devil, has been seen in some form, in rather nefarious situations. It seems her trouble-making has not ceased since her abduction. The infamous Maria Roosevelt was a dead ringer for Clapper, and the mysterious production assistant “Kate” from the Bart Andrews filming of the Jersey Devil lends credibility to the theory that the two have something in common with one another. It would seem the Jersey Devil is in fact more menacing a character than originally thought, but it also seems that any mischief it can do, Marie can do better.

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