The Jersey Devil: Witness

There have been very few people that have seen the Jersey Devil in its original form. In fact, most of those witnesses remember certain parts of the creature and forget others. Here is a 1970’s witness depiction, which was given to a police sketch-artist. The witness said he was walking through the Pine Barrens when he got lost. After an hour of not being able to find his way, the witness started running and eventually ran into what looked like a small camp. He then saw the Jersey Devil, who looked as if it was standing in a "zen-like state", not expecting any intrusion. The creature opened its eyes, saw the witness and immediately disappeared. The witness claimed the face disappeared as

The Jersey Devil Project

Hopefully you have all seen the Blair Witch Project (1999), which was the first wildly successful “Shaky Cam” film. The idea is to record a “real life” situation with a camcorder, where something goes wrong or not as planned. Every millennial and their mother has tried something like this at some point in their film game. As long as the acting is decent or completely ridiculous, these films can be wildly entertaining. What is different about the “Jersey Devil Project”, (our nickname for these events) was that there was a decent sized film-crew working on it. The leader of the expedition was a man named Bart Andrews, and he was a hero. Andrews might have been the first in modern times t

Jersey Devil Origins: Cover-Up

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist.” - T.U.S. The Jersey Devil legend is well over 300 years old. The encounters remain random but relatively consistent throughout the years, yet the skepticism still exists. Now a days, even the most obvious truths are met with contrarian argument. For some it is denial, a stubborn commitment to their original optimistic hypothesis. Some rationalize with alternative theory to cast doubt on the certainty of something they do not want to be true. Truths exist weather you believe in them or not, and the Jersey Devil is real. Like many abhorrent creations and tragedies, people do not pay attention until

Steve Tambone

Everyone knows when they’ve met a prodigy. Steve Tambone was a musical prodigy. What made Steve so good was that he could hear a song once and know how to play it perfectly. I witnessed this once while driving with Steve to get lunch during band practice. I myself was embattled in a pretty serious crisis of character, but like most guys in their senior year of high school, I didn’t know much about anything, so I talked it out with Steve. Our band had decided to start playing Goldfinger’s “Here in Your Bedroom” so Steve told me to put the song on in my car. He tapped his sticks on the dashboard and tapped his feet to the song. I didn’t think much of it, but he was learning the song whil

BKNJ Movie Review: The Good Neighbor

This movie is very complex. Will do my best to avoid spoilers. First lets speak cinematically. This film had 3 parts. 1: “Spy Cam” footage (new, genius creation, great for the allusion of watching “real life” in film, also relatively new to cinema), 2: “Real Life” where we see a better production level, (it is very effective), and 3: “Future” which is real life, but in the future. Now to the story, which relies heavily on the characters. We have the two main male leads played by Logan Miller and Keir Gilchrist as “Ethan” and “Sean” respectively. Ethan, the long-haired charismatic teenage white guy who takes the geeky, yet incredibly smart MIT bound Sean under his wing. Sean is clearly t

Marie Clapper’s Abduction

Stories that have been told involving survivors of Jersey Devil encounters have certain similarities. Each person seems to feel a sense of responsibility for the Jersey Devil targeting them. The legend is that the Jersey Devil is attracted to corruption. The journey of falling from grace can be all different lengths. Corruption is the devil’s purpose and contaminating strong people into darkness gives him ultimate satisfaction. Marie Clapper was different. Most predators evolve, but the first victim of the Jersey Devil was very unique. Physically, she was magnificent. A “head-turner” is probably the best description. Marie Clapper was also smart, well-spoken and pleasant. However,

Marie Clapper Sighting 2007

Since the beginning of "Buzzkill New Jersey", the film’s focus on Marie Clapper (the Jersey Devil’s first victim) has come to the forefront of people’s attention. Her popularity is party due to her being super-cute and also a complete sociopath. She is apparently very charming. Most Clapper stories are fem-fatal in genre, with Marie Clapper causing the destruction of some relationship. From what we have learned, the relationships that are targeted usually consist of a large lie or infidelity from one or both partners beforehand. Some say it is Marie’s silver lining, others say the evil hottie is drawn to the darkness created from deception. We have been inundated with Clapper sightings a

BKNJ Movie Review: Easy A

As a shallow, judgmental and downright on the nose accurate young man, I developed a points system out of 100 for girls. It really gives women a lot more room to grow on a guy so you’re welcome ladies. Emma Stone sits comfortably at 89, with the fact that she is now famous and more unattainable boosting her to 95. I think I can speak for a majority of America in saying that we weren’t sure after Superbad, but Hollywood is good for one thing above all else, hot chicks. Thank you Hollywood, for that I will always love you. Moving on. Easy A seems way outside the realm of “Dark-Comedy” on its surface because everyone is so pretty, but we are actually witnessing a very deviant, dark and cyn

Marie Clapper / Weather Underground Connection

Maria Roosevelt, who some may remember from our article on the “Marie Clapper Followers”, became the leader of said organization in 1975. Maria Roosevelt also looked exactly like Marie Clapper, who was the Jersey Devil’s first victim. The Marie Clapper Followers made Maria their leader right away, probably for this reason. The group operated like a cult and was responsible for the murders of 12 police and military officers. The group committed mass suicide after their victims' bodies were discovered. The only woman unaccounted for was Maria Roosevelt. It seems as of now, that there are no stories involving Maria Roosevelt or Marie Clapper after this incident. We decided to work backward

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