Marie Clapper

Marie Clapper is known as the first victim to be abducted by the Jersey Devil. Her abduction was hushed because of scandals involving Marie and some of the married men in her home town. Some speculate that she wasn’t abducted at all, and that the Jersey Devil was drawn to Marie because she was a sociopath and a fire-starter who got off on chaos. She especially liked destroying the relationships of married couples. Sociopaths do not have feelings like average people do. They are unable to feel things like love, empathy or remorse. Many of these people live normal lives, faking emotions that would come naturally to most people. For some sociopaths, the only way for them to feel anything i

Ghost Story: Old Belmar House

Many different experiences have influenced the writing of “Buzzkill New Jersey”. My friends had 3 main hangout spots: “The Barn” located at the Sgroi House, Joe’s older brother Sal’s house, and the old Belmar house. We didn’t call it the “Old Belmar House” back then, but the house has since been knocked down and rebuilt. Before that happened, that was our party spot for the summer. We were a block and a half from the beach. The house belonged to my grandfather who left it to my parents. As I got older, my parents stopped going down there so much. The house was old-looking, but pretty nice with a big backyard. The only place I ever felt uneasy was the upstairs. Very rarely would I spen

Ghost Story

One of the locations used when shooting “Buzzkill New Jersey” is the Sgroi House. This story comes straight from Joe Sgroi. Joe grew up in the house, which is 300 years old and super awesome-looking inside. The house was surely the largest house around at the time of its construction because it is large by today’s standards. The main house has many rooms. The inside has been updated and modernized in some ways, but the shell and the bones of the structure along with several antiques provide a glimpse of the past. Joe Sgroi, having grown up there, seemed a little less unnerved by the existence of ghosts than the rest of the group. He plainly told the story of the night he woke up and look

The BKNJ T-Shirt

If we get 25 contact messages saying to make these t-shirts (which would be very nice-fitting cotton/poly blend) we will begin selling them. You will not be held to buying anything, we just want to see if there is any demand. Thanks friends! (BKNJ t-shirt)

Ghost Hunting

An original "Dutch Colonial" style house, which are very popular in New Jersey, could trace back 300 years. That usually means many different inhabitance have come and gone. When someone meets their end inside their house, there is chance their spirit will stay put. The human mind is different than any other living creature’s. It is usually the high-functioning mind that becomes vulnerable to obsession. The old adage is that ghosts are spirits with “unfinished business”. Wether from a betrayal, a trauma or a simple infatuation, some people hold onto things long after they happen. They become unable to let it go. The older they get, less likely they will want to talk about it. In the mos

Summer Comes, Summer Goes

The post-Labor Day atmosphere around Belmar, New Jersey and other shore points is actually quiet nice. The weather is still nice, yet there aren’t thousands of out-of-towners driving around too slowly and ruining the beautiful scenery with their stupid faces. I must apologize to the New York drivers, to whom I spew so much venom and vitriol as I try to drive home. You are not the worst drivers. Pennsylvania people are the worst drivers. New York drivers are horrible, annoying, and always in the way, but at least they drive with purpose. Every time I get stuck behind a car with a Pennsylvania license plate, I feel like I am on a hidden camera show where the person in front of me purposel

BKNJ Review: Stranger Things

Warning: a couple minor spoilers. Head of nail, meet the sledgehammer. Netflix has been on point and ahead of the game for a long time. When they finally became able to make their own content, they started hitting grand-slams with the “Movie/Television Series”. Stranger Things takes this concept to a perfect level. Since it is technically a television series, they open up the “pause-factor” of the viewing experience which allows for a much longer and more intricate story. I’ll get my only real criticism out of the way and point out that Stranger Things starts out very slowly. Enough for me to embarrassingly admit I almost wrote it off. My DP insisted I watch to conclusion. By episode

The “Nut Hut”

The Marlboro Psychiatric Center is one of the most famous Monmouth County, New Jersey creepy locations. The compound was affectionately nicknamed the “Nut Hut” by the local youth. The psychiatric hospital opened in 1931. The compound sat on over 500 acres and was full of large brick buildings (pictured). The buildings were all set back from the road. The hospital remained open until the late 1990’s. Local basketball teams were aloud access to the gym for practicing. I can tell you first hand, this was an uncomfortable place to practice. The stories alone were enough to make you feel on edge. It was subtle, but I would feel a very strange energy whenever I entered the compound. The “Nut

August Filming Complete!

Very proud to announce the completion of the August schedule. The house scenes are complete! Although an old house in August with no ac is hellishly hot and humid even at night, our actors were on point and performed brilliantly. We had an ambitious schedule and a skeleton crew, but we accomplished a lot. Stay tuned.

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