New Jersey Shore

If you hadn’t noticed, New Jersey is a small state. When settlers migrated to the new world, it did not look like it does today. Compare the physical makeup of Europe to the United States. The east coast of the US has the warmer Atlantic ocean, with large sand beaches stretching all the way down to Florida. Pretty sweet. New Jersey is pretty far south when you factor in the tilt of the earth. Experts describe it as a “mild, coastal climate", but locals will tell you it gets cold as balls in the winter. If you were to remove about half of the pushy, self-involved people from NJ you’d really have a nice place live. Beaches, big ones. New Jersey’s beaches are very large compared to ones

What Attracts the Jersey Devil?

The Jersey Devil is an urban legend whose origin is southern New Jersey. The most common interpretation was a ghost story that was told to children. The storyline revolved around the child living a moral life and staying away from sinful and deviant behaviors. Bad behavior is what attracts the Jersey Devil. Now I’m not one to comment on how to raise your children, but I would expect pretty decent results from this approach. The truth of the matter is that the Jersey Devil is drawn sinful behaviors. But what specifically are the behaviors that bring the Devil out from the woods? Sexual promiscuity is a big one (ever seen Friday the 13th?). Another big one is deceit. Lies, especially li

The Ghost of Tom Jones

Tom Jones was the type who desired to blend in. Tom was an engineering professor and editorial writer for a large newspaper. Most of Tom’s writings took subject matter and boiled it down to the most logical conclusions. Because the logical answer is not always pretty, he was routinely railed against from the editorial board of a neighboring publication. The rumor was that Tom Jones and main editor from the competition news organization had dated in college. The two met their freshman year and after a passionate and fiery 6 month relationship, ended things on extremely bitter terms. Tom Jones being ever the professional, never responded to the senior editor directly, even after being per

Darkness and the Disinfection of Light

In light of recent events, many of us have felt like we have witnessed a sudden jarring victory over the darkness that has originated from the souls of man. Deviant earthy pleasures have been released into modern mainstream discourse and what has resulted? A divided populous. Us vs them. People being shamed and “other’d”. Anger all around. Envy is the most powerful negative emotion. America has had a struggling, desert-style economy where nothing grows but envy. The “haves” hoard, the “have-nots” are taught to hate the “haves”. They call it the “Sleeping Giant”. A group of millions of people who collectively and instinctually sensed the darkness was seeping in. We know this darkness i

The Reapers

The Reapers are a very secret society, the roots of which seem to come from members of both Christianity and the Pagan world. Documentation of events involving Reapers are almost completely nonexistent, and most of what is written is fabrication. They exist in the shades of grey that are cast when idealism meets the law of the jungle. Mankind is born into an unclean world, by their nature they are unclean. But humanity has what so many species do not, self-awareness. People can remember volumes of information and theory and the mind can store memories of experiences and lessons. Empathy is not a trait unique to humans, but if a person desires to help others, they have the ability to do s

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