BKNJ Review: Stranger Things 2

Caution: Minor Spoilers Much anticipated, Stranger Things 2 had a very high bar to clear, and it did, in spades. All of the main characters delivered, and the chemistry among the cast is especially solid (we went over all this in the review for Stranger Things). What is more impressive, is the incredibly over the top story, that takes our small-town members on a very wild ride. We pick-up a year after the first series. The unfortunate Will Beyers, having been saved from the bad place, is still plagued by visions of the other dimension or “upside-down”, equipped with a brand new monster, that is about as horrifying as you could imagine. Things are much stranger in this series. The creatu


Terry is the name of one of the few known individuals, ever to best the Jersey Devil. The legend was that Terry used his photographic memory, combined with his skills of manipulation, to trick the Jersey Devil into granting him one wish. Many victims of the Jersey Devil, became targets because of their sinful behavior. Terry was targeted because of his pride. He was known to check himself out constantly, he never met a mirror he didn’t like. Also, Terry loved to party. While part of the arrangement was that Terry could not reveal how he tricked the Jersey Devil, the effects of the agreement were easily recognized. Terry didn’t age like normal people. It seemed like he aged one year for

Urban Legend: Savage Swings

As you move south down the Jersey Shore, you will come across some large boardwalks that have games and rides. The first of these boardwalks is in Point Pleasant. At one end is Jenkinson’s aquarium, there is also Jenk’s Club, Martell's Tiki Bar, and other restaurants and attractions. At the other end of the boardwalk, are the rides. The rides resemble a fair or carnival. People by tickets to get on rides like the ferris-wheel, merry-go-round, bumper-cars and others. Among the teens, one of the more popular rides is the swings. There is an urban legend about those swings, and a wild one at that. Supposedly the swings’ operator would be instructed never to raise the speed passed 5 (out o

The Jersey Devil Project

For those who have yet to read about Bart Andrews and the Jersey Devil Project, check out the Jersey Devil Category. Bart Andrews was a film-maker and a journalist who sought to shine a light on the Jersey Devil legend by getting a candid photograph of the creature. What started as a genius plan, ended in tragedy as Andrews lured the Jersey Devil into a house that shared its basement with a church. All of the members of Bart Andrew’s crew were found dead in the basement. It is said the Jersey Devil hates getting its picture taken, and will become very hostile towards anyone who it believes is trying to capture it. The still photographer on scene was the only survivor, having not followed


Netflix you crazy! "MINDHUNTER" is a great and engaging series. There are certain things that might get in your way. As is customary at Buzzkill, we do dislikes first. This series moves slowly, it is very intricate, and there is a ton of dialogue. Like “Stranger Things”, the long setups run the risk of losing the audience, even though the producers went balls to the wall in the opening scene, (pun intended). Dislike is a strong word, but it is hard not to strongly dislike the feminist girlfriend, right down to the armpit hair. Living in the over-correction time-period, or post-feminism era, the fact that she uses sex and attitude to get our main character to become fully beta-male, ring

All We Have is Time

This is more of a warning than a ghost story. Ghosts are the spirits of former people, (just like you). While some may be aware of their spirit-status, some it seems, believe they are still alive. From a first-person perspective, an individual who has unknowingly broken their mortal coil, could seem to be living by simply repeating different parts of their life's journey in perpetuity, as the world spins on without a clue. If you are at work right now, you are probably thinking “I feel like I am in purgatory right now.” Hey, maybe you are. To make sure you are not a ghost trapped in purgatory, find a clock, and watch it for a couple minutes. If the clock functions properly, you should b

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