HOPE Paranormal Spirit Clique

For those new to HOPE Paranormal, a quick recap: Josh is the main human part of the group. His journey started years ago, when through the events of his life, he came into contact with a medium, and certain people with certain gifts. Over time, through his connection to God, Josh began to realize certain gifts of his own. Modern society is fully of backwards priorities, that this writer can only attribute, as coming from the devil himself. Sins of the flesh, like gluttony, sloth, lust, envy, vanity, and pride, are all not only not condemned, but celebrated, all in the name of greed. I count seven there. But a counter-culture has been forming. While academia has been banishing God and r

Belmar’s 4th Dimension

We have discussed the particulars of Belmar’s 4th Dimension in the Ghost Stories Category. To recap: The coastline in Belmar, New Jersey supposedly runs through a portal to other dimensions. Because an unknowable amount of dimensions exist in the same place, under the right conditions, certain anomalies can be seen. Since the portal only opens at a certain time (early am, two hours before sunrise), there is one way to check if the portal will open. The Wunderbrook House is located close to Jack Cuomo’s house in Belmar, but one street up. During sundown, walk passed the Wunderbrook House. If the portal is set to open, you will see the wicked cat. (“The Wicked Cat of Wunderbrook House" i

BKNJ Review: 13 Reasons Why Season 2

When “13 Reasons Why” first came out, there was a good amount of outrage surrounding the series. In season 1, Hannah, the pretty, yet insecure and allegedly mentally-unstable teenage girl, takes her own life. Thinking it was going to be a horror series, this writer watched the whole first season, noticing along the way that 13RW was actually, a dark, dramatic, tragic-comedy, considering some parts are very funny. Seasons two hit much more of a storyteller’s stride, as the cast and producers got into the swing of things. The attention to detail, and execution were solid. CAUTION MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD: …Hannah is a ghost, yay! The filmmakers did limit her thankfully, as her character does w

Lady Gaga

Here at Buzzkill, we never pass up on an opportunity, to talk about Lady Gaga. Even us grey, New Jersey black-hearts, nod along with most Gaga songs, and if you have not yet seen American Horror Story: Hotel, get on that. Apparently, Lady Gaga believes she is being followed by the spirit of a person named “Ryan”. Having known our share of crazy people named Ryan, this topic deserves a further inspection. While the tech is great, and the spirit-box, DR60 recorder and others make spirit-chasing possible, it alone cannot rid you of spirits. To start, a quick question for our favorite pop-star; Is “Ryan” a male or female (androgynous name)? Treating the spirit like the person that they were

HOPE Paranormal Crossing Over

In the latest video from HOPE Paranormal, Josh returns to Woodlawn Cemetery. During his last visit, Josh learned that the spirit “Chris”, who he had thought had found his way to the Light, was still stuck in the cemetery. The revelation was disappointing to say the least. Every day faith is tested. We discussed in the last post, how negativity can spread. Failure, bad luck, disappointment, can all lead to a crisis of faith. The only way through it, is to just keep moving forward. Refusing to give-up, despite feeling hopeless, will eventually lead to a confirmation of faith. Such an event happened to Josh in the latest video. According to Josh, prior to arriving in Woodlawn cemetery, h

The DeMeo Sisters

There are four sisters in the DeMeo family. Caroline, the eldest sister, is a musician, and is mostly off doing her own thing. Diana is the second oldest, followed by Jen. Diana and Jen are only a year apart. They are very close. Diana and Jen’s friendship with Dennis and Jerry, is how they became friends with Jack. Jack is also neighbors with Diana’s friend Vicky. Diana is closest with Pat and Jack. The three of them act as the unofficial leaders of the group. They are also known to break off into their own separate adventures. Jen is very close with Dennis. Jen has been in a long-term relationship with Jake for years, which makes her closeness to Dennis border on scandalous. Neit

What is Goin on with Chris?

The spirit “Chris” has been featured numerous times in HOPE Paranormal videos. Josh usually runs into Chris whenever he visits a certain part of Woodlawn Cemetery in West Palm Beach. Josh had recently been told by some other spirits, that Chris had left the cemetery. Josh was hopeful that Chris had been able to move on. In the latest HOPE Paranormal video, Josh finds out that Chris never was able to leave. Staying positive is not always easy. In fact, negativity is like its own energy. It can consume you and those around you. Disappointment leads to negativity. Josh had been hopeful that he was able to aid Chris in his goal to get out of purgatory. In an earlier video, Chris says his

The Barn

The barn in the backyard of Jack Cuomo’s house holds a very interesting history. The original compound was 200 years old. While most of the house has been rebuilt over the years, the barn in the backyard is completely original. Most of Jack’s friends are convinced that the barn in haunted. Some have heard voices. A couple have seen the ghost of a small girl. Jack was the first one to see the small female child ghost when he was younger. He woke up one night and looked across his bedroom. Jack saw the apparition, standing half way into the wall. The back of her head was visible, but the front of her face and body was inside the wall. Pat is pretty sure he has seen the girl figure in

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