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In life, the people can be broken down into 2 basic groups. Some people will like seeing others succeed, some will not. Putting personal conflicts aside, the ones who dislike seeing others do well, are being conditioned to resent success, and are most-likely having a rough go at an all too real money-desert. It has gotten so bad, that a person has to condition themselves to fight the very strong, negative emotions of envy and resentment, which usually come from self-esteem issues that come from not being where you’d like to be personally in life. Much of the millennial generation is coming off of watching their parents be prosperous and knowing the money they work for has become worth less

Movie Review: The Purge

(2013) Any filmmaker worth their salt knows that making a film and selling a film are two different things. Selling the film takes a few things. First, creative concept. The Purge obviously delivers. The improvement in the economy and basically utopian world we happen upon in this film hits you right between the eyes. Second, bringing it to the people. The Purge’s concept is awesome and easily summed up in 2 sentences. The right amount of mystery is all people need. From a film viewer's perception, there is the movie you see, and there is the movie you imagine in your head in the lead up to the film. The advertising was precision, skillful, and left the audience needing to experience

BKNJ Review: Idle Hands

(1999) We are taking a large step back into nostalgia with a review of the honorable classic, “Idle Hands.” Here is another film with a horrible Rotten Tomatoes rating (16%). How bitter and unfulfilled are the lives of the majority critic population, that an extremely fun and entertaining movie like “Idle Hands” could get such a bad score? The horror genre is so great because normal reality rules do not apply. “Idle Hands” takes a simple concept; Anton is a lazy sh*t that does nothing all day, leaving his hand vulnerable to possession by the Devil. An obvious play on phrase “Idle Hands are the Devil’s playground”. Why does a movie have to be deep and depressing to be considered a credib

Buzzkill Movie Trivia

Buzzkill New Jersey is based on actual events. Jack Cuomo and Pat O’donohue are based off of the self-proclaimed alter-egos of Joe Vrola and Will Leahey. As kids, Vrola and Leahey were good friends who shared a common creative drive. In high school, the two friends, along with help from their friends Joe Sgroi and Brandon Emmons, created a horror movie called “Buzzkill”. The first “Buzzkill” was shot on a basic camcorder and edited using Final Cut. There was no script and all of the scenes were made up on the spot. The group filmed the movie in three locations; Joe Vrola’s parent’s beach house in Belmar NJ, Joe Sgroi’s barn in Colts Neck NJ, and Sgroi’s brother Sal and his wife Ann Marie

Evil and the Disinfection of Light

The internet. The final frontier. Interactive and vast. A relatively new concept for humanity. While television and talk-radio continue to get their messages out in a way that the viewer can just watch or listen, the internet requires the drive to research something or “fact-check” something you have heard. There are many wormholes in the internet. Eloquent wording is like cat-nip to those who want to be considered intellectuals, and usually a tell-tale sign of sketchiness. As explained by noted freedom analyst Andrew Wilkow, the truly smart people are the ones that make the complex understandable. Minds like Einstein were more concerned with truth, than perception. The people who deal i

The Reapers

US Locations: Palm Beach County, FL, Hartford, Connecticut, Tempe, Arizona The “Reapers” are a very secret organization. So much so that there has been no information about them on the internet (making research extremely difficult). Few books or periodicals mention the group. Their formation is believed to have been around the same time as the Old Testament. In Palm Beach County we met a total of 6 people who were aware of the Reapers. Most people thought we were talking about the street gang “Reapers,” which coincidentally wear one of the 2 known signs for the Reapers on their vests. The sign used by the gang is the “Bleeding R” (pictured below) In interviewing members of the gang, none

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