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The Morning Crew

Jack Cuomo - Main Character

"Whenever I was the one throwing a party, I would always stay up all night. The first reason was that I was paranoid of people drawing a dick or something on my face. Second reason was that I was not going to tap out and leave the house at risk of being destroyed by very drunk friends who catch a second wind and decide to fight in the living room.

My friend Jerry was usually the one who would make it until sunrise with me. Jerry and I would usually walk down to the beach and see the sun come up. Watching the sun come up would help me get over the fact that I did not sleep, and begin to face the day.

We began to see the same people at the beach every time. We called them the Morning Crew. It was a strange group. There was a guy with a metal detector (obviously). There were a couple of homeless folks who I guess had been sleeping on the beach. A housewife, determined to keep her figure, would be running along the water. Last but not least, an older gentleman with his dog.

There’s something about being on the beach and watching a new day start. It is difficult for most people to sit still and live in the moment, but it is easy to take some time and be in the present, while you wait for the sun to emerge over the ocean."

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