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The Jersey Devil

The New Jersey Devils hockey team is one of the few professional sports teams that actually represents the Garden State (thanks Brooklyn). New Jersey does host the Giants and the Jets, but those teams do what many northern New Jersey residents do when they're away on vacation, they say they are from New York. Down in south Jersey, they root for the Eagles, which is sacrilege to me, being from central Jersey (yes, there is a central Jersey). Most people from my area and above root for the New York Rangers hockey team, or the Islanders (if you are originally from Mars). South Jersey likes the New Jersey Devils. The Jersey Devils hockey team has provided great cover to the Jersey Devil legend.

Most people from New Jersey have heard of the Jersey Devil, that sort of urban legend is like catnip to a group of teenagers hanging out in the woods. Most people know the basics; the Jersey Devil is from the Pine-Barrens of south Jersey, and it is a relatively small monster that is very, very difficult to spot. Some stories include the stealing of livestock, and basic vandalism but most stories are of someone seeing the creature while driving, or traveling through the pine barrens and watching it run quickly back into the woods. Pretty unassuming. Official theories have kept this legend under wraps for the better part of two centuries. The real story is much more interesting, and sinister.

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