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Buzzkill Characters: Dennis and Jerry

Dennis and Jerry would effectively add the “surfer” characters to the party scene. There in lies the key. The local inhabitance of the Jersey Shore are very into surfing. New Jersey has very decent surf. The Atlantic Ocean is not as cold as the Pacific Ocean, so the winter is when the true dudes paddle out.

Dennis and Jerry were both good. They would go before school, after school, whenever there were waves. New Jersey waves are not very consistent, so we would have to call the surf-report to get the conditions. “Knee high, sloppy, chest high, clean” etc.

There are a lot of surfers in the area. Dennis and Jerry really made it their lives. They even moved out to the Hawaiian island of Kauai for a year or so. They had a good outlook and were good friends with Jack.

Another reason they were such good friends with Jack, was that they liked to party. Jerry especially. They also had known Diana and Jen from living around the corner from them growing up. Just incase you hadn’t heard, Dennis and Jen have always sorta had this thing for each other, but Jen dated another guy for a long time which always kept things interesting for those around them.

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