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The UK’s Independence Day

Tomorrow, Thursday June 23rd, Great Britain will be voting on weather or not to leave the European Union. Much like the 4th of July is to America, tomorrow will be a day celebrated or revered for years to come. The vote is based primarily on the fact that the European Union is in no way thinking about the daily lives of the people of the United Kingdom.

That is the thing about the elitist Globalist. The further away the person gets from you that decides your fate, the less they care about what happens to you. Most would just as soon never meet or talk to you, forget listening to your problems. People, unfortunately think of self first, it’s part of being a mammal.

If you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, and you care about your home country (btw you should care about your country) this vote will decide your fate. If you don’t care about your heritage enough to know when people are trying to take it from you, please catch up a bit. You owe it to the people around you who also want to live in peace as a nation.

As far as hat tips go, again Breitbart News drove the issue over the fence. Especially with the Parliament guest on BND today. As far as my fellow millennials, it is our civic duty to look out for our fellow countrymen, regardless of weather you are rolling your eyes right now. As Americans, we look to the people of Europe to set the tone and stand up for yourself.

London’s Daily Mail has endorsed the Leave Campaign (pictured below).

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