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Great Britain Votes To Leave The European Union: Editorial

Amazing morning. Finally something big goes the way of freedom, and from Brits! Cheers my friends, your vote for freedom was heard around the world. Britain can take care of Britain. The British people realized they were getting a raw deal being in the EU and said peace.

Like most with my way of thinking, I’m stuck with endless pessimism because things always seem to go one way. When the media is dictating a narrative one way, and you watch the people who are only half paying attention dictate the media argument verbatim, it is a mixture of extremely annoyed and slightly sad. Like I said, pessimistic.

Those who live in western cultures deeply appreciate western culture. Mostly because our differences don’t get us targeted for death or slavery. That is probably the foundation of where the appreciation starts. The fact that we can live our lives and try to make better lives for ourselves. That we are not tied down to any class, wherever we start on the ladder.

Let me provide a light in the darkness of negative spin you’ll be bombarded with today. There are those who live to oppress others. Those oppressors single out a group and label them "oppressors" of a lower economical group. The original oppressors work with the media to convince you that the group that is against them, is against you too.

Bottom line, people know when they’re getting hosed. The United States has watched history take place with Brexit. Now it is my suggestion for my fellow American citizens, to remember what America’s purpose is in the world. How the United States provides freedom by shining brightest as a protector of the individual citizen. Every person deserves to live free from oppressive jaggoffs.

The American people hold their future in their hands. They need to come together on the right side of freedom.

The most important thing to do in the coming election is single out the person currently running for president who would be biologically more inclined towards being a person who would want to oppress others. Do you have someone in mind? Do not vote for that one. Experience in being a professional grifter is not an attribute for president, it just means the people will get ripped off again.

Now if you thought I was talking about Donald Trump in the last paragraph, let me suggest diversifying your news sources. Try to have at least 2, one from both sides of the argument. Example: Brietbart News and The Daily Wire (inside joke). The two-party system is dying. The individual is king in America.

-Our deepest condolences and prayers to the family and friends of Mike Flynn, founding Breitbart editor, and the mind behind the Big Government page of A great writer who developed the best part of one of the most powerful news sites on the planet. His life's work is immortalized on this great day in history.

Congratulations to the people of Great Britain.

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