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Good vs. Evil

As the mainstream moral consciousness evolves, the distinctions between peoples’ conception of evil change. Moral relativism dilutes the rules of being a decent person enough for “good” people to claim moral integrity while ultimately acting to the detriment of others.

Our world has entered into a phase of exponential growth in access to information. In free countries, average citizens are able to access anything they want to know thanks to the internet. The internet broke through the fourth wall of reality. Vast, thoroughly detailed and moving at lightning speed.

Normal every-day people now have a way to learn the equivalent of a college degree through websites and Youtube videos. Individuals should feel empowered, but yet they don’t.

Education is highly regarded in society. Humanity teaches its young how to live in the world. But does education equal intelligence? No, they are two different concepts. There is overlap, many intelligent people feel the need to learn new things and acquire new skills in order to better their lot in life. On the other hand, the people that did exceptionally well in school were the ones who were best able to submit to authority, buy into the philosophy and strive to impress their educators by doing what they’re told.

So what is good and what is evil? Most like to believe humanity is ultimately good. Many people would like to think that when you strip any person down to their core, ultimately they are good. So then why do so many people do bad things?

People are at best neutral. People, like most animals, act according to their own perceived best interest.

The media is an umbrella term describing the people and companies who bring us news and entertainment. Entertainment seems to have become more important to the viewer than the actual news. Fine, totally understandable. Many people work all day to keep the lights on and don’t wan’t to hear about the horrible things going on around the world.

The media criticizes, and is working to dissolve the influence of certain religions. Almost every religion exists to do the same basic thing, lead their followers towards living a more positive life and being a good person. Media types single out controversial parts of certain religions and use them to denounce the entire faith and those who are faithful.

Educators in the United States have torn down Judeo-Christian values and replaced them with political-correctness. Hollywood has been trashing the Christians for 30 years trying to make them into cult-like weirdos. Why then do they ignore the aggressive, war-focused religion of Islam?

Political-correctness is nothing but an oppressive form of religion where the people who are in power decide what is right and wrong (as if the criminals in Washington have any authority on the matter).

Nobody cares if you are offended. I am offended that as a millennial, people feel the need to dance around saying something if they think what they say might offend me. People will either not finish their thought, or put in a qualifier to show that they are not a bigot before they say it. My generation needs to harden the fuck up. Our grandparents fought wars at 19 years old, now people need safe spaces to shield them from opposing viewpoints?

Evil exists, there is no denying it. People are flawed. People run governments. Government has no moral authority. Moral authority is earned by being moral.

We will fight against political-correctness and allow people to hear and interpret the truth. We will be targeted for it. We will be called bigots (that is the generic word for racist that people call you if your viewpoint is different from theirs). We will be called evil, bad and ignorant.

I have faith for my fellow millennials. We may be skeptical, sarcastic and selfish, but we will not accept lies as truth for much longer. Political-correctness has been almost fully integrated into American discourse, and yet our enemies still want to destroy us. Eventually when people have had enough consequences, the brave ones will stand up and speak truth to power.

Evil will never win as long as there is one good person left to fight it.

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