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The Reapers

US Locations: Palm Beach County, FL, Hartford, Connecticut, Tempe, Arizona

The “Reapers” are a very secret organization. So much so that there has been no information about them on the internet (making research extremely difficult). Few books or periodicals mention the group. Their formation is believed to have been around the same time as the Old Testament.

In Palm Beach County we met a total of 6 people who were aware of the Reapers. Most people thought we were talking about the street gang “Reapers,” which coincidentally wear one of the 2 known signs for the Reapers on their vests. The sign used by the gang is the “Bleeding R” (pictured below)

In interviewing members of the gang, none knew the real connection. Two members knew enough to say it was a secret and to not ask the “higher-ups” in the organization. One said, “No one knows anything. If they talk to you about it, they don’t know shit.” - anonymous. That statement seemed to carry the most water.

Back to the original “Reapers”. The group supposedly exists somewhere in Palm Beach County. Out of the six people who had information about them, 2 were from the gang, 2 were extremely vague and only knew that they had been around a very long time, one person seemed to just make up a long complex story on the spot, but it had no relevance to the group we were searching for.

We finally came across a man who was 86 years old. He responded to an add we put out in the local paper.

Upon meeting the man, he said “you boys made it just in time.”

The man’s story was from 60 years prior when he was 26 years old. He was in Ireland working on a fishing boat. While on leave in a town on the mainland, the young fisherman noticed another man, who was dressed in black and was following him. His face was expressionless and he would methodically follow the young fisherman around whenever he went outside.

“So I spent a good amount of time inside. Whenever I would be forced to go outside, the man was there. He started to look more and more like a demon every time I saw him.”

After his week's leave from fishing, our storyteller was walking back to the boat when he saw the man following him. As he approached the docks, the man that was following him started sprinting towards him.

“I’ve never seen a human run that fast,” he said

When the man dressed in black was within inches of our storyteller, he was struck between the eyes with a knife.

Our storyteller stood in awe as the man dressed in black collapsed in front of him. He turned around to see a well-dressed man walk towards him. On the handle of the man’s knife was another “Reapers” symbol; “the leaning cross” (pictured below).

The man who had been chasing our storyteller apparently melted into a tar-like substance and slid down into the road.

Our storyteller told us that the hero in this story laughed at the sludge as it flowed down into the sewer.

“I shook the man’s hand, he said to me “What you just witnessed was an act from a Reaper, you must never tell this story unless someone explicitly asks you for proof of the Reaper’s existence. As long as you follow that rule you’ll be looked out for.’”

Obviously this was the best story we heard, and it was told to us with conviction. We could tell that the man was happy to have gotten a chance to tell it.

Now that being said, we do not know much more about the Reapers. The group’s primary purpose is still a mystery, as is the group’s foundation and current existence. To be continued.

"Bleeding R"

"Leaning Cross"

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