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Buzzkill Movie Trivia

Buzzkill New Jersey is based on actual events.

Jack Cuomo and Pat O’donohue are based off of the self-proclaimed alter-egos of Joe Vrola and Will Leahey. As kids, Vrola and Leahey were good friends who shared a common creative drive. In high school, the two friends, along with help from their friends Joe Sgroi and Brandon Emmons, created a horror movie called “Buzzkill”.

The first “Buzzkill” was shot on a basic camcorder and edited using Final Cut. There was no script and all of the scenes were made up on the spot. The group filmed the movie in three locations; Joe Vrola’s parent’s beach house in Belmar NJ, Joe Sgroi’s barn in Colts Neck NJ, and Sgroi’s brother Sal and his wife Ann Marie’s house in Howell NJ.

The film was about a group of friends that were hanging out together, smoking and drinking. Then they started getting murdered. The killer was a mystery.

Tragically, the group was never able to film an ending so the conclusion of “Buzzkill” remained a mystery. Even more tragic, the computer that Will used to edit the footage was lost in a move. Only Joe and Will ever got to see the film.

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