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Ghost Story

One of the locations used when shooting “Buzzkill New Jersey” is the Sgroi House. This story comes straight from Joe Sgroi.

Joe grew up in the house, which is 300 years old and super awesome-looking inside. The house was surely the largest house around at the time of its construction because it is large by today’s standards. The main house has many rooms. The inside has been updated and modernized in some ways, but the shell and the bones of the structure along with several antiques provide a glimpse of the past.

Joe Sgroi, having grown up there, seemed a little less unnerved by the existence of ghosts than the rest of the group. He plainly told the story of the night he woke up and looked at the other side of his room. Standing halfway into the wall was a small girl. Joe said he could only see the back of the girl. Her face and the front half of her body were inside the wall.

Why would a ghost be halfway through a solid wall? Maybe she was in a different dimension where the structure of the house was slightly different. Maybe she saw Joe wake up and thought she had passed through the wall, to the next room, out of sight. Either way, pretty creepy right?

(Sgroi House)

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