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Marie Clapper

Marie Clapper is known as the first victim to be abducted by the Jersey Devil. Her abduction was hushed because of scandals involving Marie and some of the married men in her home town. Some speculate that she wasn’t abducted at all, and that the Jersey Devil was drawn to Marie because she was a sociopath and a fire-starter who got off on chaos. She especially liked destroying the relationships of married couples.

Sociopaths do not have feelings like average people do. They are unable to feel things like love, empathy or remorse. Many of these people live normal lives, faking emotions that would come naturally to most people.

For some sociopaths, the only way for them to feel anything is to do something crazy like stand on the edge of a tall building and look down. Adrenalin could be the only sensation that is achievable, so the person looks for situations to trigger that feeling.

Marie Clapper was a very attractive young woman. Records state that she was somewhere between 16 and 18 years old. She was very developed and looked like she was in her twenties. Marie was known for being highly-sexualized and promiscuous (another sociopathic characteristic).

Sociopaths can mimic the expressions of emotions that they see in other people. Marie was a very good actress. Grown men would become putty in her hands and she would manipulate them into doing whatever she wanted.

Since her abduction, Marie Clapper and the Jersey Devil have been linked to each other in a few different stories.

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