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The Reapers

The Reapers are a very secret society, the roots of which seem to come from members of both Christianity and the Pagan world.

Documentation of events involving Reapers are almost completely nonexistent, and most of what is written is fabrication. They exist in the shades of grey that are cast when idealism meets the law of the jungle. Mankind is born into an unclean world, by their nature they are unclean.

But humanity has what so many species do not, self-awareness. People can remember volumes of information and theory and the mind can store memories of experiences and lessons. Empathy is not a trait unique to humans, but if a person desires to help others, they have the ability to do so in miraculous ways.

After releasing our last story about the Reapers, we were inundated with emails and letters from people claiming to know a story about the Reapers. Almost all were immediately disqualified because they all mentioned the word Reapers, and openly suggested they had a story about them (such a thing is not aloud). There was one letter that came to us that stood out. It came with a drawing (pictured).

“Please come to the Driscoll family barbecue!” The letter said. It listed an address in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At first we figured it was a mistake, until we looked closer at the picture.

Inside the picture was a “Leaning Cross” which is one of the symbols of the Reapers. Obviously we went to the barbecue.

It turns out it was a party in honor of an old man named Martin Driscoll. His entire family had shown up. At least 150 people attended.

Immediately when we arrived, a brown-haired young woman came up to us and said “Pop wants to speak to you.” She lead us to the old man who was sitting at the head of a picnic table. He was telling a story to his grandchildren.

“Alright kids, scram.” he shouted and the grandchildren scattered off into the party.

I introduced myself and he did the same. He then sat and silently stared at me. After a few awkward moments it became obvious that he was not the type to play coy with. He had the sharpness of a military man. I asked the question.

“Do you know about the Reapers?”

He sighed, very much like the other witness who told us his story.

Martin was a Marine during WW2. His first station was Okinawa, Japan. After a gruesome and horrible 6 months of war, the Imperial powers surrendered to the Allies and Martin Driscoll was ready to be sent home.

The battalion traveled through Italy to pick up a couple of US soldiers being released from a secluded prison camp.

“Beyond being relieved I’d made it through the war, I was happy to get a chance to see Italy.”

Martin’s nickname was “Irish” because he looked very Irish. He told us that he was actually half Italian and that his mother was from Italy.

“It was a beautiful place. I was happy to get a chance to visit the Vatican.”

Martin said he and his friend Jimmy walked to Vatican City. Right beforehand, they walked through a small town and encountered an old woman.

“She looked like a witch," Martin told us, "She talked like one too.” The soldiers maintained their manners and kindly said hello to the old woman.

The woman said to Jimmy, “You have darkness surrounding you, better not get too close to the Holy City.”

“After we left her I told him, “That was definitely a witch.” Martin said.

The two soldiers respectfully looked around Vatican City and then walked back to camp.

Martian explained that as they walked further from the city, his friend’s face began to change.

“It was subtle at first, he looked like Jimmy but something was off. By the time we were within a couple miles of camp, he looked like a completely different person, and ugly to boot!”

On top of that, it seemed that someone had been following them away from the Holy City.

“I knew someone was following us, I’d been fighting in the jungle for six months, I knew the feeling. But I was way more concerned with the fact that Jimmy’s face was changing.”

Martian did not call attention to it because Jimmy had not said anything about it.

“I saw a store front with a large window coming up. I began to ask Jimmy a question just as we passed the window so that when he looked at me, he would see his reflection.”

As soon as Jimmy saw his reflection he grabbed Martin, tripped him to the ground and put a knife to his throat.

“He had me. I couldn’t move my arms. I was so confused but I was sure I was done for.”

At that moment the person that was following them, a well-dressed man, grabbed Jimmy by the hair and chopped his head off with a large sword.

The body dropped to the ground and Martin got up.

“It’s your lucky day friend.” the well-dressed man said to Martin.

“I stood there in awe. The man then explained how I was to never tell the story unless explicitly asked for proof of the Reapers' existence,” Martin said.

Martin said the man continued holding the head like a basketball, and the creatures’ body dissolved into sludge.

“I saw the Leaning Cross symbol on the man’s sword, and asked him what it meant.”

The well-dressed man then smiled and punted the head 25 yards into a nearby river.

“It means humans are imperfect creatures.” the well-dressed man said with a laugh.

“The man walked away from me, down an alley and he was gone. When I got back to my unit I found out that Jimmy had been killed in our last battle after being separated from the group. Whoever was walking with me must have known. I can only imagine what plans that dark creature had for me.”

Martin Driscoll went on to have a large family filled with wonderful people.

Although this story is very interesting, we are no closer to any information about the Reapers organization or their current situation.

"Bleeding R" (Symbol)

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