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What Attracts the Jersey Devil?

The Jersey Devil is an urban legend whose origin is southern New Jersey. The most common interpretation was a ghost story that was told to children. The storyline revolved around the child living a moral life and staying away from sinful and deviant behaviors. Bad behavior is what attracts the Jersey Devil.

Now I’m not one to comment on how to raise your children, but I would expect pretty decent results from this approach. The truth of the matter is that the Jersey Devil is drawn sinful behaviors.

But what specifically are the behaviors that bring the Devil out from the woods? Sexual promiscuity is a big one (ever seen Friday the 13th?). Another big one is deceit. Lies, especially lies that spread so far, most people don’t know they are falsehoods. Legend is, this specific trigger has roots in the 2nd Commandment which forbids the worshiping of false gods. Lies add to the darkness which is where the Devil resides.

The Jersey Devil lives in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey, but sometimes does venture north.

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