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New Jersey Shore

If you hadn’t noticed, New Jersey is a small state. When settlers migrated to the new world, it did not look like it does today. Compare the physical makeup of Europe to the United States. The east coast of the US has the warmer Atlantic ocean, with large sand beaches stretching all the way down to Florida. Pretty sweet.

New Jersey is pretty far south when you factor in the tilt of the earth. Experts describe it as a “mild, coastal climate", but locals will tell you it gets cold as balls in the winter. If you were to remove about half of the pushy, self-involved people from NJ you’d really have a nice place live. Beaches, big ones. New Jersey’s beaches are very large compared to ones further south. They do make you pay to go on the beach in the summer. The rest of New Jersey has mountains, intricate woods and farmland.

Today, New Jersey feels like that one awesome machine at the gym that you wish they had more of. There is always someone on it, and half the time, it’s someone smugly using it the wrong way. The beach has that one thing that helps those of us who have this compulsion, to stand at the end of the world and look out to the horizon. It helps to not feel like your existence is waiting on line in Bizarro Disney World, where everyone is mean, and the rides are tragic, and not fun.

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