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Marie Clapper / Weather Underground Connection

Maria Roosevelt, who some may remember from our article on the “Marie Clapper Followers,” became the leader of said organization in 1975.

Maria Roosevelt also looked exactly like Marie Clapper, who was the Jersey Devil’s first victim. The Marie Clapper Followers made Maria their leader right away, probably for this reason. The group operated like a cult and was responsible for the murders of 12 police and military officers. The group committed mass suicide after their victims' bodies were discovered. The only woman unaccounted for was Maria Roosevelt.

It seems as of now, that there are no stories involving Maria Roosevelt or Marie Clapper after this incident. We decided to work backwards and noticed that the arrival of Maria Roosevelt to Vineland, NJ, coincided with the dissolving of the Weather Underground. The Weather Underground was a left-wing domestic terror group who’s target and main stated enemy was the United States government. They were responsible for multiple bombings of government buildings and other terrorist group-type activities. At the end of the Vietnam War, many of these “revolutionaries” went into academia to pollute the minds of young Americans.

Although the group operated out of Chicago, Illinois, there was a connection to the coasts and no shortage of like-minded people. We found a picture of the sit-in of a Weather Underground sympathizer group. The event took place in Monmouth County, New Jersey in 1971. One member of the group stuck out to us.

We cannot say with any confidence if this picture is of Maria Roosevelt or Marie Clapper but the resemblance is definitely there. The Marie Clapper Followers echoed many of the same anti-US and anti-authority sentiments expressed by the Weather Underground, so it is plausible they have a connection.

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