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Marie Clapper Sighting 2007

Since the beginning of "Buzzkill New Jersey", the film’s focus on Marie Clapper (the Jersey Devil’s first victim) has come to the forefront of people’s attention. Her popularity is party due to her being super-cute and also a complete sociopath.

She is apparently very charming. Most Clapper stories are fem-fatal in genre, with Marie Clapper causing the destruction of some relationship. From what we have learned, the relationships that are targeted usually consist of a large lie or infidelity from one or both partners beforehand. Some say it is Marie’s silver lining, others say the evil hottie is drawn to the darkness created from deception.

We have been inundated with Clapper sightings and have even received some pictures. We use software to match the photos with our records and drawings of the real Marie Clapper. We also compare them with photos of the more recent Maria Roosevelt, who was said to have looked exactly like Clapper. This picture was taken in Normandy Beach, New Jersey. The female in the background of this photo fits the physical makeup of Marie Clapper, who was abducted right before her 18th birthday.

We unfortunately received little backstory about this party, but the girl in this picture was definitely noticed by the people there. Normandy is a small town and it is not uncommon for people to walk around from on and off the beach to hit random parties. Our source for the picture could not confirm if she arrived with anyone. He did say that his girlfriend immediately disliked her (that means this girl was very attractive, which Marie Clapper was). Our source said this party descended into madness, as beach parties often do and that he has little to no memory of where this girl went. We do know that she stayed at the party for multiple hours. We will research further to try to uncover some of the events from this night.

Stay Tuned.

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