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Marie Clapper’s Abduction

Stories that have been told involving survivors of Jersey Devil encounters have certain similarities. Each person seems to feel a sense of responsibility for the Jersey Devil targeting them. The legend is that the Jersey Devil is attracted to corruption. The journey of falling from grace can be all different lengths. Corruption is the devil’s purpose and contaminating strong people into darkness gives him ultimate satisfaction.

Marie Clapper was different. Most predators evolve, but the first victim of the Jersey Devil was very unique. Physically, she was magnificent. A “head-turner” is probably the best description. Marie Clapper was also smart, well-spoken and pleasant. However, Ms. Clapper was bad news. We’ve explained in other articles that Clapper was most likely a sociopath and would start fires amongst people. She was also sexually promiscuous, and that is just a terrible combination.

Right after her 18th birthday, she went missing from her home town in Linwood, NJ. According to witnesses, Clapper had taken a trip up to Monmouth County. Most assumed she went to the northern shore points of New Jersey because of all the trouble she had started in her home town area.

The day after Marie Clapper returned to Linwood, she was abducted. A pentagram was discovered burned into the ground in the woods next to her pink ribbon, which was hanging on a tree.

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