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Jersey Devil Origins: Cover-Up

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist.” - T.U.S.

The Jersey Devil legend is well over 300 years old. The encounters remain random but relatively consistent throughout the years, yet the skepticism still exists. Now a days, even the most obvious truths are met with contrarian argument. For some it is denial, a stubborn commitment to their original optimistic hypothesis. Some rationalize with alternative theory to cast doubt on the certainty of something they do not want to be true. Truths exist weather you believe in them or not, and the Jersey Devil is real.

Like many abhorrent creations and tragedies, people do not pay attention until the government tries to cover it up. The Jersey Devil is no exception. In the early 80’s, the people of New Jersey got their scandal. Twenty-one people witnessed the killing of a young man named Robert Eason.

Robert and his girlfriend Lauren B. were seen arguing in a semi-crowded park. A third person was seen standing next to Lauren, whispering to her as the couple argued. Lauren pulled a revolver out of her handbag and shot Robert point blank in the forehead. As soon as the gun was shot, the third person disappeared.

Every witness recited the same story. Every one saw the person standing next to Lauren B. during the argument. Each witness was too busy watching the couple arguing to give an accurate description of the third person. Everyone watched Lauren shoot Robert and then watched Robert fall to the ground. When they looked back up Lauren was standing alone. Witnesses said she looked surprised.

According to reports on the incident, law-enforcement officers on patrol in the park quickly rushed over to arrest Lauren, who had dropped the gun and was standing in the same spot, staring at the dead body of her former boyfriend.

The district attorney sentenced Lauren B. to murder in a closed-door trial. Witnesses wanting a resolution on the third person and possible co-conspirator were silenced and forced to keep quiet about the incident. The local media suddenly dropped the case and the story went cold.

We tracked down a witness from the case who asked to remain nameless. Apparently the government has been keeping tabs on the witnesses, even after the trial had ended. The ones who spoke out about the shadiness of the situation were harassed by government attorneys and audits. The witness said they were told that they were falsely remembering the situation, which is strange since everyone gave the same story.

(Artistic Re-Creation)

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