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The Jersey Devil: Witness

There have been very few people that have seen the Jersey Devil in its original form. In fact, most of those witnesses remember certain parts of the creature and forget others.

Here is a 1970’s witness depiction, which was given to a police sketch-artist.

The witness said he was walking through the Pine Barrens when he got lost. After an hour of not being able to find his way, the witness started running and eventually ran into what looked like a small camp. He then saw the Jersey Devil, who looked as if it was standing in a "zen-like state", not expecting any intrusion.

The creature opened its eyes, saw the witness and immediately disappeared. The witness claimed the face disappeared as soon as the eyes opened and the rest of the creature disappeared into smoke a second later.

“I was pretty freaked out, but the creature was gone so fast. I kept walking another couple yards and found my car, in the spot where I left it.”

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