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The Jersey Devil’s Darker Side

Some representations of the Jersey Devil are pretty cartoonish. The creature is depicted often times being very small and the entity is never depicted entirely big. The darkest origin comes from, you guessed it, Lucifer. And just why might you ask, would the devil send an emissary to Jersey? Well, it would explain a lot.

The theory is that New Jersey is actually the crown jewel of the northern east coast because of the size and consistency of the of the beaches and coastline. The territory is the most densely populated now for these reasons.

During the forming of the United States, New Jersey became a major point of entry. Different groups came through the state, but certain groups stayed. One such group is the Christians, ever heard of em? The Christians are a peaceful denomination, but man is corruptible. Lucifer was not too keen on New Jersey being a Christian state, and he most certainly didn’t want a blast of Christian optimism to affect the new migrants to America. The US became Lucifers’ ultimate prize, so the Jersey Devil was sent to New Jersey where its purpose was to corrupt, manipulate and destroy the people from within.

Those who live in New Jersey can attest that they have been largely successful in this venture.

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